Square box

The shallow 4-in. square box is 4.25 in. × 4.25 in. × 1.25 in. and is classified for two-hour wall fire resistance. It comes with two factory-installed No. 8 screws to allow for easy mud ring installation, four auto/clamps that eliminate the need for separate cable clamps, and an alignment guide to center the device on a reference mark. The box has 18 cu in. in volume and accepts nine No. 14 wires, eight No. 12 wires, or seven No. 10 wires.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 265

Safety gear

Job Site Armor is a line of safety equipment that includes safety eyewear, work gloves, hearing protection, and respiratory protection. Available in clear or tinted lenses, the eyewear consists of lightweight, wrap-around frame and frameless safety glasses and impact goggles with anti-fog coating. The work gloves include reinforced wrist cuffs and fingertips, as well as palms padded with memory foam. The NIOSH N95 Class respirator has an adjustable nosepiece and a lightweight design, providing low breathing resistance. Ear protection includes disposable earplugs, corded reusable earplugs, and folding ear muffs — all with noise reduction ratings of 27+ dB.
Milwaukee Tool
Circle 258

Ground connector

The Cadweld Plus One Shot ground connector produces a permanent exothermic connection to a ground rod that will not loosen, corrode, or increase in resistance for the life of the installation. The ground connector's single-use pack makes the connection to a ground rod without a mold or starting material. The device allows welds to be completed up to 6 ft away, and its refractory ceramic resists breaking if dropped.
Circle 261

Truck underbed boxes

The Weather Guard steel underbed boxes for pickup trucks now include two new stainless steel door models. This line's improved features includes a stainless steel D-handle, a three-point latching system, a new door design, a redesigned body frame, and removable chain stays. The two new door models, which come in dimensions of 36 in. × 18 in. × 18 in. and 48 in. × 18in. × 18 in., are constructed of brushed 16-gauge stainless steel and have a black picture frame body design made from 14-gauge steel.
Knaack Manufacturing
Circle 262

Wire stripper/sensor

Circuit Alert wire strippers sense voltage, cut bolts, and strip either Romex (NM) cable or No. 10-18 AWG cable. The device is designed to make electrical work safer by providing both an audible and visual alert to indicate the presence of AC voltage from 50V to 600V. The wire stripper features stainless steel stripping and cutting blades and ergonomically designed handles constructed of over-molded rubber.
Gardner Bender
Circle 264

Circuit identifiers

This line of automatic circuit identifiers is designed to locate breakers with second-pass indication so electricians can locate the proper circuit without having to interrupt power. Offered with a digital or analog receiver, this noncontact voltage sensor and GFCI tester allows one person to verify the presence of power on a 120VAC circuit through its audible and visual indicators. It features a noncontact voltage sensor for 80VAC to 300VAC, a plug-in GFCI receptacle tester, and a low-battery indicator.
Ideal Industries
Circle 263