Linear task lighting

The Little Inch Xtra is under-cabinet linear task lighting available in high-power LED, T5 linear fluorescent, halogen, or xenon lamping. This fixture is available in an array of lengths from 9 in. to 58 in. and is ideal for display cases, bookcases, reception counters, cabinetry, and computer workstations. UL-listed and CUL-listed for direct wire installations, it is constructed of extruded aluminum to dissipate heat in order to reduce heat transfer into the space below and extend lamp and ballast life.
Alkco Lighting
Circle 250

Semi-recessed adjustables

This line of Muliple Semi-Recessed Adjustables (MSRA) is designed with low-wattage, ceramic metal-halide lamping. The fixtures are available in one-, two-, or three-light configurations with a variety of lamp types and beam spreads to handle a broad range of lighting requirements, ceiling heights, and energy codes. The lamp types that can be used with these fixtures include T4 ceramic metal-halide, CDM Mini MasterColor ceramic metal-halide, or PAR20 ceramic metal-halide.
Amerlux Lighting Solutions
Circle 251

Web lighting control

The Automation Appliance is a Web-based user interface for the company's Lighting Integrator lighting control panel. The interface connects users to the Lighting Integrator network via Internet, intranet, or LAN connection, allowing multi-user access to all lighting control functions through a standard Web browser. It features scheduling capabilities such as seven-day repetitive schedules, 365-day calendar date event type schedules, or dusk/dawn schedules.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 252

Current-limiting subpanel

The Trac-Master current-limiting subpanel complies with energy codes like ASHRAE 90.1 and California Title 24 and is designed to limit the available wattage to lighting circuits to their design specification. This subpanel installs between the branch circuit breaker and the track lighting and calculates lighting density by the rating of the subpanel circuit breaker for each track circuit. It allows the use of track fixtures such as CMH, T5HO, and low-voltage HIR MR16 lamps and is factory preassembled to the customer's specifications.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 253

Portable work light

These fluorescent area lights are available in 18V (DC527), 12V, and 14.4V (DC528). The florescent lights are ideal for installation work in small, poorly lit areas and feature a built-in telescoping hook that rotates 360°, locks into place at 45°, and is designed to hang from any 2x material. Using a 13W bulb ideal for lighting up to an 8-ft by 8-ft room, these lights also feature three lanyard holders to allow the unit to lay flat or hang horizontally, as well as a tool-free twist and lock bulb change.
Circle 254

Accent downlights

The A4 series is a line of 4-in. aperture adjustable accent downlights — an expansion of the company's Architektur family of downlights. These downlights feature 0∞ to 45° vertical and 362° horizontal adjustment, hot aiming, and center beam optics. Their lamp options include MR16, AR70, PAR 16, and PAR 20 incandescent, low, and line voltage lamps. A4 trim options include open, baffle, pinhole, oval slot, framing projector, eyeball, and mirror light, along with a variety of reflector/flange finish options.
Circle 255

Residential lighting control line

The new Square D Clipsal lighting control line includes dimmers, relays, movement sensors, and input devices such as switches and touch screens. These products comprise a distributed control system, meaning that each device works independently of the others, so if one device fails, the entire system will not go down with it. The lighting control line offers touch screens in color or black-and-white that can be programmed to create pre-set lighting scenes that can activate automatically. The line's dimmers and relays can connect to Cat. 5 cabling anywhere on a network.
Schneider Electric
Circle 256

Junction box for lighting

The J-Box for pool and spa lighting supports two pool/spa lights and optionally features a bracket to allow for mounting to walls or multiple size posts. The junction box requires two screws to attach the lid to the base, and all three of the unit's ports accept multiple conduit sizes up to 1 in. Its strain relief clamp accepts flexible cords from No. 16-3 to No. 10-2, and the ground bar accepts up to 10-gauge standard wires and No. 8 solid bonding conductors. The unit also complies with UL1241 and the NEC.
Circle 257

Fan/light switch

The DEFL44L decorator fan/light combination switch is the company's latest addition to its Timer family. This switch combines the company's wall box timers and fan/light toggle wall switch, allowing for separate fan and light control. Available in ivory, light almond, and white, it features three fan time delays — 20 min, 40 min, or 60 min — and a green LED light to help locate the on/off light switch in the dark. It is suited for a 120V, 500W/4.4A maximum load.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 258

Dimmable mini LED

The dimmable LED mini-light HK and HKO models use a standard handy wiring box and are designed for easy installation and adjustment of the LED module, which can be set to a 30°, 45°, or 60° angle. The LEDs colors include warm (3,000K) or cool (5,000+K) white and can be ordered with one (standard) or two high power LEDs (1.5W or 3W load). Model HK is designed for indoor or damp locations, while model HKO can be used in wet locations.
Gemini One Five Luminaires
Circle 259

Compact fluorescent lamps

Four new compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) have been added to this company's product line. The 11W and 15W CFL globe replaces 40W and 60W incandescent globes in residential and commercial applications. The new CFL reflector models include a 15W R30 size as a retrofit of 65BR incandescent reflectors and a 20W R40 version to replace higher wattage incandescent reflectors. Four new wattages have been redesigned as direct replacements for standard A19 incandescent lights, including smaller lamp dimensions and three colors: soft white, cool white, and daylight. These lamps are UL approved and Energy Star certified.
SLi Lighting
Circle 260

Daylight management system

The miniZ intelligent daylight management system combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, and lighting control functionality in a single, compact package. The management system is self-contained, self-configuring, and is designed to meet a wide variety of commercial lighting needs, from basic switching to multi-zone daylight harvesting. Its AutoCal feature automates photocell calibration, establishing maximum light output levels and calculating light loss factors to result in consistently accurate lumen output.
Circle 261