Stray voltage detector

This unit detects low stray voltage, which may be present within electrically conductive sources. The detector operates by holding it with a bare or gloved hand, or by using the optional extension handle, creating a virtual ground and directly contacting the metal tip of the detector to the potentially energized source. It picks up voltages from 5VAC to 600VAC with direct contact and above 600VAC at a distance. Three optional accessories are available, including a detector tester, an extension handle, and a ground shield.
HD Electric
Circle 201

Wall-mounted, non-glare lighting

The Wallmaster I/2 wall pack luminaire is designed to provide broad, non-glare distribution of light. The luminaire meets the special requirements of Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations with an enclosed and gasketed design to inhibit explosive vapors from entering. It features die-cast copper-free aluminum housing finished with corrosion-resistant bronze epoxy and can mount to most flat surfaces. Its stainless steel latch secures the cover assembly and allows the luminaire to be relamped without the use of tools.
Circle 203

Industrial motors

These AC motors are designed to meet or exceed NEMA standards and include NEMA premium-efficient designs as well as die cast copper rotors and special stator designs to help lower energy costs and extend service life. Offered in aluminum and cast iron frame configurations, these motors allow mounting flexibility for general-purpose applications such as air handling, conveyors, pumps, and compressors. Available up to 20 hp, they also include a combination of specially designed cooling fins, polypropylene fans, and internal cooling schemes to minimize heat buildup.
Siemens Energy & Automation
Circle 205

Hospital-grade isolation transformer

The Iso-Puck wall-mounted, enclosed, hospital-grade isolation transformer is available for power ratings of 300VA, 600VA, and 1,000VA. The transformer is designed to offer health care personnel and their patients increased safety when using electrical equipment. Certified to UL60601-1 and CSA STD c22.2 No. 601.1, it can be modified for OEM applications.
Bridgeport Magnetics
Circle 204

Power and energy meter

The PR300 compact multifunction meter is a new addition to the Powercert family of panel-mounted power and energy meters. The meter is designed for use with universal mounting options (DIN or ANSI), universal wiring from 1p2w to 3p4w systems, and a universal AC/DC power supply. Its voltage inputs are menu-selectable from 150VAC up to 600VAC. It has three separate LED displays and will measure amps and volts per phase, watts, VARs, VA, hertz, and power factor — all with instantaneous/min/max readings.
Yokogawa Corp. of America
Circle 206

Electrical hand tools

The Ridgid line of electrical hand tools is designed to increase end-user productivity. The hand tool line features: stranded and solid copper cutters/strippers; Romex and solid copper cutters/strippers; an all-purpose cutter for Romex, copper, and coax; a tight space cutter/stripper/crimper kit; combination cutter/stripper/crimper tools for copper and coax; and a fiber optic cable stripper. Each of these hand tools features the Ridg-Back cutting blade — a staggered blade design to reduce required hand force.
Ridge Tool
Circle 207

Infrared camera

The MikroScan 7400 thermal camera can be used for standard predictive maintenance monitoring of electrical cabinets, motors, and bearings. The camera features three selectable temperature ranges and is built around a high-resolution (320 × 240 pixels) microbolometer that resolves an area smaller than a tenth of a square inch at 6 ft. It also captures simultaneous visual images with on-board voice annotation. In addition to its on-board image storage capability, the camera can output real-time video in “S” format and NTCS/PAL.
Mikron Infrared
Circle 208

Analog meters

The 5000 Series of analog meters is designed to be cost-effective. Requiring no power, these meters are available in custom scales and will monitor from PLC or transducer. Featuring dust-resistant construction, the units are made with UL 94V material and offer ordered-to-fit mounting studs at no extra cost. All models are 2,600Vrms with 90° rotation and meet ANSI specifications C39.1.
Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works
Circle 214

Cushion-grip tapping tools

This company's new tapping tool product line includes three new Cushion-Grip triple taps and one new Cushion-Grip six-in-one tap. All four tapping tools form new threads, reform burred or damaged threads, clean out obstructions, and automatically re-thread to the next larger size if threads are stripped. Each triple tap tool accommodates three tap sizes, and the six-in-one tap tool accommodates six tap sizes.
Klein Tools
Circle 213

Work benches

The StorageMaster HD heavy-duty rolling work benches feature the company's patented Watchman IV single-lock deadbolt system. Available in six models, each rolling work bench features a recessed lock housing to prevent the use of bolt cutters, pry bars, and hack saws from potential thieves. The product line's one-lock system is designed to eliminate downtime in replacing additional locks, and both the worktop and cabinet bottom are made of 7-gauge steel. All models have a load capacity up to 2,700 lbs and a drawer capacity up to 100 lbs.
Knaack Mfg.
Circle 212

Insulation testers

This family of 5kV and 10kV insulation testers includes three analog/digital models. The base model has five pre-programmed test voltages and measures to 15 TΩ on the digital scale. The next model features all the capability of the base mode plus a pass/fail alarm, data storage and downloading, and the ability to step up the voltage in 10V increments from 50V to 1,000V and in 25V increments beyond 1,000V. The top-of-the-line model includes all the capabilities of the other two plus a 10,000V range — and the ability to measure to 35 TΩ on the digital scale.
Circle 209

OSP system

The Plug & Play OSP system is designed to allow for quicker and more cost-effective installations in the outside plant local area network (LAN). The system includes an optical cable pre-installed with network access points at customer-specified intervals and a tethered, environmentally hardened MT connector. Compatible with both below-ground and aerial applications, it features MT network access points attached to a flat drop tether cable that is terminated with an MT connector.
Corning Cable Systems
Circle 210