Neutral grounding resistors

Designed for industrial and utility applications, this line of neutral grounding resistors protects power transformers and generators as well as personnel from damaging fault currents. The grounding resistors are available from 480V to 34.5kV with current ratings as high as 2,000A. They have a compact design and are protected by an outdoor-grade galvanized steel enclosure for mounting on top of or adjacent to the transformers or generators.
Milwaukee Resistor
Circle 203

Digital dimming system

These digital dimming systems now feature demand response capabilities that offer a variable load-shedding strategy for interior building lighting. Proprietary software incorporated in the dimming panels allows for lighting system designs where load shedding control is handled in several ways, including via on-site maintenance by the facility owner, remote initiation by a centralized office with local override options, or an ancillary building management system.
Hunt Dimming
Circle 205

Portable data acquisition instrument

The MeasuringPAD hand-held instrument collects, monitors, and displays multiple sensor inputs and can be used for troubleshooting, maintenance, process tuning, fault recording, and trend analysis. The instrument scans all active inputs, digitizing with 16-bit A/D while checking for limit-violation triggers and refreshing its memory buffer at 10 kHz per input. It provides live readout of as many as 16 differential analog inputs and as many as eight logic-level digital inputs. Multichannel display options include bar graphs, trend plots, oscilloscope view, and discrete Fourier transform for harmonic analysis.
Circle 201

Encapsulated industrial control transformer

A new version of this company's SBE encapsulated industrial control transformer features a factory-installed “W” fusing technology that consists of a two-pole primary Class CC type fuse holder and a secondary Midget-type fuse holder. The transformers feature a solid epoxy encapsulation to facilitate heat dissipation for cooler operation, copper interleaved windings, electrical-grade steel laminations, and a 105°C insulation system.
EGS Electrical Group
Circle 207

Occupancy sensors

This line of intelligent, commercial-grade occupancy sensors features digital microprocessor circuitry that continually analyzes real-time occupancy patterns in commercial buildings. The line includes passive infrared, ultrasonic, multi-technology devices. The passive infrared models are available in a ceiling unit, aisle high-bay, aisle long-range wall-mount units, and a wide-view unit for wall- or ceiling-mount applications. The ultrasonic models fill a room with continuous high-frequency sound waves and interpret changes from the original frequency as movement. All models feature built-in photocells to prevent controlled lighting from turning on when the coverage area is lit by natural light.
Circle 204

Diesel generators

The DQC series of 600kW, 750kW, and 800kW gen-sets is based on a new 23-L, inline 6-cylinder diesel engine that offers low emissions and fast transient response to load changes. The gen-sets are available in 50 Hz and 60 Hz frequencies and are intended for standby and prime power use in a range of applications. They're NFPA 110-compliant and feature a digital control system that includes automatic remote starting/stopping, precise frequency and voltage regulation, alarm and status message display, alternator protection, output metering, and auto-shutdown-at-fault detection.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 200