High-bay light

This company's new 400W high-bay light is designed to be an economical and efficient temporary lighting fixture for jobsites or staging areas. The 400W clear, high-output metal-halide lamp meets OSHA 1926.56 requirements for minimum illumination of work areas when properly installed and mounted 15 ft above 40-ft by 40-ft and 60-ft by 60-ft bays. It provides more light than two 100-ft temporary string lights and offers a light output of 36,000 initial lumens at 4,200K color rendering.
Woodhead Industries
Circle 200

Standby generators

This 2007 line of residential and commercial standby generators features the company's four-cycle overhead valve industrial (OHVI) engines to power its air-cooled residential products. These residential generators come with the PowerMaster load control system, which prioritizes a home's major electrical loads and prevents generator overload. The commercial QT Series of generators includes liquid-cooled offerings with outputs ranging from 20 kW to 150 kW, and are natural gas or LP vapor fueled.
Generac Power Systems
Circle 201

External disconnect enclosure

The Sequestr external disconnect enclosure is designed to isolate the fused disconnect switch or circuit breaker from the main control panel while maintaining the door interlocking requirements of NFPA 79, IEC 60204, and SAE HS1738. When the main power is on at the disconnect, this external disconnect enclosure's door cannot be opened, and its interlock prevents the main control enclosure door from being opened.
Circle 202

Digital multimeters

This company's new digital multimeters include the 80,000-count, dual-display Model 6800 and the 50,000-count Model 6500. Model 6800 features: basic DC accuracy of +/-0.05%; a 3V, 5 Hz to 5 kHz square wave generator; duty cycle measurement; and RPM capability. Model 6500 features a 50-segment bar graph backlit display; basic DC accuracy of +/-0.03%, and RS232 interface with software and cable.
Protek Test and Measurement
Circle 203

Patch panel

The QuickPort High-Density 1RU Patch Panel features die-cast construction and 48 ports. The patch panel features a port label holder that magnifies port markings, and multi-colored card stock is designed to assure that port identification is quick and easy. Available in Cat. 5e, Cat. 6, and Cat. 6a category ratings, each kit includes one patch panel, 48 connectors, a labeling kit, and one cable management bar.
Circle 204

Network power storage

The redesigned GNB Flooded Classic 2-PDQ product line consists of five 4V models ranging from 3,090W to 4,360W per cell. The PDQ battery line features a compact, power-dense lead calcium design to meet the backup power requirements of the UPS market segment and reduce total rack space requirements. It also features copper alloy terminal posts, flame arresters, an electrolyte sample tube and combination vent/filling funnel to facilitate routine maintenance, and recyclable lead-calcium components.
Exide Technologies
Circle 205

Lockout/tagout kit

Personal Lockout Kits are designed for employees who must lockout a variety of hazardous energy isolation points on a regular basis. The kit features keyed-alike padlocks, which means that employees have fewer keys to keep track of. A variety of kits is available for different needs, including a circuit breaker lockout kit, an electrical lockout kit, a valve lockout kit, and a combination lockout kit for locking out both electrical and mechanical isolation points.
Circle 206

Motor circuit protectors

The Square D PowerPact electronic motor circuit protectors (MCPs) are designed to provide motor branch short-circuit protection. The MCP is designed to simplify both product selection and necessary adjustments to ensure it is set to the correct in-rush characteristics of the motor in compliance with the NEC. The devices include two dials — one for full load amperes (FLA) adjustment across the range of the frame sizes and another to select the type of motor protection.
Schneider Electric
Circle 207


An assortment of screwdriver styles is designed to meet a variety of end-user requirements. Select screwdrivers feature the Wera slipSTOP-Blade, which prevents the tool from slipping out of the fastener's recess. The blade receives Wera's Laser-tip treatment, which gives the tip an extremely rough surface and firmly secures the bit into the screw recess. The screwdrivers also feature an ergonomically correct Kraftform handle that allows for higher torque and more comfortable use.
Wera Tools
Circle 208


The B332IUNVHEH-A is a high ballast factor ballast for 3-lamp applications. Designed for high lumen fluorescent applications using today's new high-bay fluorescent fixtures, it incorporates ULTim8 high-efficiency technology that saves an additional 5% in energy savings over standard electronic ballasts, according to the company. It also is compatible with standard F32T8 lamps as well at the 30W, 28W, and 25W energy-saving T8 lamps.
Universal Lighting Technologies
Circle 209

Coaxial cables

This addition to the company's line of IndustrialTuff ControlBus low-loss RG-6/U type coaxial cables features a continuously corrugated aluminum armored construction to ensure reliable performance in extremely harsh industrial environments. Designed for ControlNet factory floor control system applications, it also includes an 18 AWG solid bare copper-covered steel conductor, foam polyethylene insulation, Duobond Quad Shield, and an inner PVC jacket.
Circle 210

Nylon tool bag

This 15-in. tool bag is made from Cordura Ballistic nylon, a high-performance fabric resistant to abrasions, scuffs and tears. Its molded bottom with durable impact modified polypropylene provides additional durability. The bag's large zippered opening features a reinforced steel frame that maintains its shape while loading and unloading.
Klein Tools
Circle 211

Infrared cameras

The Ti50 and Ti55 FlexCam thermal imagers feature a 320×240 pixel resolution, thermal sensitivity of 0.05°C NETD for the Ti55 and ≤0.07°C NETD for the Ti50, and a 5-in.-high bright LCD display. They also offer a temperature measurement range up to 600°C for higher temperature applications and an image capture rate of 60 HZ, allowing real-time target temperature to be displayed live on the camera's screen. The on-camera Windows CE interface is easy to use. Optional wide angle and telephoto interchangeable lenses are included.
Circle 212