Multimedia cable

Designed for EIA/TIA residential-grade 1 wiring cables, CatLink dual zip is a 24/4 pair Cat. 5e UTP cable that's tested to 200 MHz and joined with a satellite-grade RG6/U quad-shield coaxial cable tested to 2.4 GHz. The cable is designed for single cable pulls to various locations that incorporate both twisted-pair and coaxial requirements.
Honeywell International
Circle 260

Illuminated GFCI receptacle

This illuminated GFCI receptacle features an indicator light that's on when power is available and turns off when the wiring device has tripped or the power has failed. The GFCI has enhanced resistance to surge, corrosion, and electrical power noise and can be installed with side or screw-pressure-plate backwiring for line and load terminals. It also features two backwire holes per termination and is available in a variety of colors.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 251

Distribution center

These 42-in. distribution centers hold multiple modules, 66 blocks, splitters, drop amplifiers, and electronic equipment while providing cable management. With all-steel construction, the centers have an integrated snap-in module system and feature two power knockouts on the bottom and four top knockouts and one bottom knockout for cable management.
Circle 258

Weatherproof wire connectors

The WeatherProof line of twist-on wire connectors are pre-filled with a non-hardening, silicone-based sealant to protect conductors from corrosion, moisture, and fungus. The connectors handle copper wire sizes from 22 AWG to 6 AWG and feature color-coding and gripped swept wings to minimize stress on the user's fingers and wrist.
Ideal Industries
Circle 255

Cable hook

Qualified for plenum environments, the Snake Hook cable manager comes in wall, overhead, and under-floor models and features a wide-arch design that relieves stress on cable. The hook has a built-in mounting system, and its smooth arch makes it easier to pull cables.
Snake Tray
Circle 250

Small-scale uplights

Mini-bullets are a small-scale version of this company's uplights. Available in two models, the mini series delivers the same level of illumination as large uplights, but with a smaller fixture profile. Models 2201 and 2203 accept MR-8 lamps and feature a 1⅜-in. diameter and 3⅝-in. depth, while models 2205 and 2207 use MR-11 lamps and have a 1⅝-in. diameter and 4⅝-in. depth. All four fixtures are constructed from powder-coated, die-cast aluminum with glass-reinforced, polymer Ryton R4 composite knuckles, and they're equipped with 10W lamps.
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting
Circle 254

Trenchless line replacement

The Grundopull is a hydraulically powered machine that removes and replaces lead, plastic, copper, and steel without digging a trench. The machine splits or extracts house connections with diameters from ½ in. to 2 in. and as long as 75 ft with minimal disruption. It can be operated by one or two people with average pulling times of 15 ft/min. Users can choose to pull in the new pipe directly behind the expander or retrieve the split lead service first.
TT Technologies
Circle 252

Wire rope securing system

Designed to secure the ends of wire ropes, the lockable Gripple uses a push fit assembly with automatic locking wedges and secure locking screws. The tool is available in a 1¼-in. size with a 1,100-lb working load limit. Its integral locking screws can be tightened to firmly fix the wire rope in place.
Circle 259

Cable connector

The TEK-NUT cable connector line terminates teck and jacketed metal-clad cable to junction boxes, control centers, panel-boards, and enclosures used for electrical distribution or motor control. The connectors feature a one-piece design and a knockout sealing O-ring to provide an environmental seal, along with a locknut, anti-short bushing, and rainboot for wet locations. With a copper-free aluminum body, the connectors are corrosion-resistant and provide pullout protection. They're available in ¾-in. and 1-in. trade sizes.
O-Z Gedney
Circle 253

Cable identifier

Verifier Vision is a new cable ID feature on this company's Vision Cable locating and fault-finding system, which positively identifies multiple lines coming from a transformer. The standard Coil Clamp and new Vision Cable ID clamp make it possible to ID the cable without disengaging it. The system works with energized and non-energized electric systems and all locatable telecommunications lines.
McLaughlin Boring Systems
Circle 256

Directional drill

Designed to make short- to medium-length service line installations, the JT921 directional drill features 50-hp/77kW and hydraulic power. A single lever operates both thrust and rotation functions, and the pipe lubrication system is controlled by a foot pedal. The drill features an electronic system with tracker control that enables the tracker operator to disable power to the drilling unit's thrust and rotation.
Ditch Witch
Circle 262

Mounting plate brackets

MP series mounting plate brackets allow for the installation of low-voltage datacom and alarm devices in drywall without installation tools. The brackets eliminate the need for electrical boxes on low-voltage Class 2 applications, and a serrated interlocking system secures the bracket to drywall. It has an application range of ¼ in. to 1¼ in., and because it's made of plastic it has no sharp metal edges.
Circle 261

Earth resistance test system

The model R1L-C earth resistance test system measures grounding system resistance and soil resistivity over ranges from 2 ohms to 20 kilohms full scale. The system is housed in a heavy-duty plastic case with a gasket to seal out water and dirt and powered by internal rechargeable NiCad cells. Readings are displayed on a 3.5-digit LCD that has indicators for excessive stray current, current electrode resistance, and potential electrode resistance.
PPM Instruments
Circle 257