High-capacity UPS

The 10kVA Liebert GXT UPS is configurable as a tower or rack-mount model and delivers online double-conversion UPS protection for up to 8,000W of equipment in 6U of rack space. The UPS will soon feature paralleling capabilities as well, allowing multiple units to work together to deliver 16,000W of protection for high-density racks. It also features self-diagnostics to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, automatic frequency detection, and a Windows-based configuration program.
Emerson Network Power
Circle 150

UPS software

The Personal Solution Pac 3.0 UPS power management software for Linux is designed for local PC and server applications. The software is designed to allow for clean USB support for UPSs with Linux/Unix operating systems. The software also offers an intuitive screen that displays remaining battery backup time and works in conjunction with a power consumption sensor that detects how much of the UPS's rated power is being used by connected equipment.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 151

Transportation industry UPS

The Novus FXM 1100 UPS is designed to help solve traffic congestion by creating efficient backup power options for the transportation industry. The UPS features remote monitoring and control communication options, generator compatibility, automatic voltage regulation, and power conditioning. It is also designed to provide power stability during various environmental states and power conditions.
Alpha Technologies
Circle 152

Surge protection devices

The CLT Series is designed to provide bi-directional transient voltage surge suppression for coaxial applications. These devices can protect against surge current impulses up to 20kA/wire. Models are available to protect CATV, SATV, CCTV, digital mo-dems, Ethernet ThinNet (10 Base 2), and Arcnet. Their nominal data range is up to 100 Mbps, with insertion losses as low as -0.8 dB at 2.4 GHz.
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