Digital multimeter

The AM-220 digital multimeter measures AC/DC voltage up to 600V, AC/DC current up to 10A, resistance, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle, as well as AC/DC microamps for sensors diagnosis. It also includes diode test and audible continuity capabilities, a large backlight LCD display, and auto and manual ranging.
Circle 205


LD4 LiteForms cylinders are LED-powered wall-mounted cylinder downlights. The LEDs come in a range of colors, and the cylinder fixture is made-to-order. The LED configurations may be ordered with one LED array up, or one up and one down. Each array contains six LEDs of 1W each. The downlights are also UL and CUL listed for wet locations.
Circle 201

Ethernet interface

The series 90-30 programmable logic controller family has a new Ethernet network interface unit (ENIU). This communications module enables users to connect with series 90-30 I/Os over Ethernet to a master controller through a single point of connection. It features a built-in Ethernet switch with two 10/100Mbit ports and can be expanded with up to seven local I/O expansion bases with a total of 70 I/O modules per drop.
GE Fanuc Automation
Circle 200

Watertight devices

This line of watertight pin-and-sleeve electrical plugs, receptacles, connectors, inlets, and mechanical interlock devices is designed to conform to IEC 309-1 and 309-2 global standards. These devices are intended for use in areas subject to extreme temperature, vibration, impact, dirt, moisture, corrosive elements, and wash downs. Each product has a positive locking feature that stops accidental withdrawal or insertion of the pin while under load, plus a color-coding system that matches amperage and voltage requirements.
AppletonCircle 206

Digital multimeters

The 300 series of digital multimeters features built-in non-contact voltage detectors. All models perform diode and continuity tests as well as measure DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, and resistance. Each unit comes with a stand, test leads, protective holster, and batteries. The compact EX330 model offers a large-digit, 4,000-count display and measures temperature, capacitance, frequency, and duty cycle. The EX320 is auto-ranging, and the EX310 is manual-ranging. However, each has a 2,000-count display.
Extech InstrumentsCircle 203

Weatherproof boxes

This company has expanded its line of weatherproof electrical installation products, including one-, two-, and three-gang boxes in a variety of dimensions with round and square designs and covers, which are available in grey, white, or bronze. Other new products include threaded conduit bodies in rigid steel or die cast aluminum, swimming pool junction boxes, lamp holders, service entrance caps, clips, straps, fittings, and grounding accessories.
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