Sheet metal hole saws

These bi-metal hole saws feature a spring for automatic material ejection, a variable tooth pitch optimized for round holes, and a lipped-edge that acts as a safety stopper. In addition, threads are extended and reinforced for longer life and durability when cutting in hot metal applications. Available with 30 different cup sizes, two kits are offered. The 15-piece kit includes six cups ranging from ⅞ in. to 2½ in., while the 23-piece kit has 10 cups ranging from ¾ in. to 3 in. Both kits include the company's quick-change mandrel, adapter nuts, and springs.
Circle 250

Subcompact driver

The 2401-22 is a 12V subcompact driver that delivers 100-in./lb of torque. Weighing 2 lb, the manufacturer says the device can drive 130 3-in. screws in a single battery charge, has a speed of 0 rpm to 500 rpm, and uses a 1.4 Ahr battery. Other product features include an LED light, a built-in battery fuel gauge, a one-handed chuck, and a variable-speed trigger. In addition, a carrying case, two batteries, a 30-min charger, and a standard No. 2 Phillips and flat bit are included.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 251

Mini-split cables

Baron brand Baro-Split cables are available in three constructions. Corra/Clad MC cable consists of UL-listed THHN soft-drawn annealed solid copper conductors, cabled with filler and wrapped with an overall solid aluminum sheath. This sheath provides watertight protection and is covered with a PVC outer jacket for outdoor use or direct burial. Compact 600 control tray cable features a TPE jacket and is direct burial rated. Shielded Low-Voltage Cable is an 18/2 stranded bare copper with an overall shield. In addition, the shielded low-voltage cable is ETL approved, sunlight resistant, and outdoor rated. All three products are available in standard reels of 250 ft or 500 ft, as well as 50-ft lengths.
Coleman Cable
Circle 252

Lighting control system

The LightSense lighting control system includes decorator-style radio-frequency devices and matching hard-wired units. Wall-mounted and wireless remote scene controllers enable users to choose from up to 15 scenes from a room or area and up to 11 whole-house scenes. The system also allows for instant full-on and full-off control of all lights in any scene. In addition, it can manage lighting loads for up to 127 rooms and 1,023 devices.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 253

Compression tool

The OmniSeal Pro XL compression tool compresses F-type, RCA, RG11, BNC, and mini connectors onto coaxial cable in a smooth, one-cycle full ratchet motion. Featuring a universal design, the tool is factory preset and calibrated to terminate all of the company's compression connectors. In addition, it can terminate other manufacturers' connectors by adjusting the tool's plunger depth — no adapters are required. The device also features a built-in 7/16-in. hex socket for installing CATV connectors. Other product features include a high-strength aluminum body with a spring-loaded handle as well as a handle lock.
Ideal Industries
Circle 254

Lighting controller

Vierti single-touch dimmers and switches feature a LED-illuminated control bar that brightens when touched, filling the bar to show the light level selected. Users can adjust or determine the light level from up to five locations. Available in blue, green, and white LED colors, the controls feature audible feedback and are offered in 21 wallplate colors and finishes. Dimmers are available as incandescent (single-pole), and magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, and fluorescent controls. Electronic and companion switches are also offered. Advanced programming features include adjustable light level fade times and adjustable LED intensity.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 255