Electrical troubleshooting kit

The 1587/ET advanced electrical troubleshooting kit combines the company's 1587 insulation multimeter, i400 current clamp, and 62 mini infrared thermometer in a single case. The insulation multimeter includes a full-featured true-rms digital multimeter and can perform insulation resistance testing up to 2 G, with five output voltages ranging from 50V to 1,000V. The current clamp can be used with the insulation multimeter to measure current (1A to 400 A, AC) without breaking the circuit, and the mini non-contact thermometer allows users to check for hot spots ranging from — 30° to 500°C.
Circle 200

Alarm system protection

The Total Surge Solution (TSS) series is designed for addressable and conventional alarm system protection. The TSS covers 120V system power and up to 10 pairs of SLC, IDC, and NAC circuits. According to the company, this surge protector is easy to install and features field-replaceable modules.
Circle 201

Harmonic estimating software

The E7 harmonic estimating tool software is available free as a downloadable file from this company's Web site. The software aids users in estimating and calculating the voltage and current harmonic distortion produced by the company's E7 variable frequency drives (VFDs) on most electrical systems at the point of common coupling and/or at the drive input terminals. It provides recommended solutions for mitigating harmonics within a system, which it can then test.
Yaskawa Electric
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Diesel gen-sets

This series of 150 kW, 175 kW, and 200 kW low-emission diesel generator sets complies with the new EPA Tier 3 standards for non-road (mobile) applications. These gen-sets also meet the EPA Tier 3 requirements for stationary generators that are scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2007. These 60 Hz generators feature inline 6-cylinder diesel engines.
Cummins Power Generation
Circle 203

Lighting control panels

The Lighting Integrator lighting control panel product line now includes a native BACnet communication protocol option, which enables native level integration of lighting control with a BACnet-based building automation system. This option ensures lighting control compliance with energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC. The BACnet option still allows the use of lighting control options such as blink warnings and wall switch overrides with time delays.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 204

Motor testing software

Emcat Pro 2005 is software designed for use with the company's IV Pro 2000 tester and analyzer, which tests electric motors, coils, and windings. The software allows uploading and downloading of information to and from the tester, and comes with a database for trending, diagnostics, and creating reports and work orders. It has additional fields for recording data taken by other predictive maintenance machinery such as vibrations, infrared, and ultrasound.
All-Test Pro
Circle 205

Loose tube cable

This indoor/outdoor-rated loose tube fiber optic cable family uses dry water blocking technology with super absorbent polymers rather than traditional pertroleum-based gels both inside the fiber tubes and the core of the cables. The cables are available in 50 micron, 62.5 micron multi-mode and single mode fibers, as well as designs for plenum flame-rated and non-plenum flame-rated applications. They require no transition from outside plant cable to tight-buffered, flame-rated indoor cable.
Circle 206

AC drive

The Square D S-Flex enclosed AC drive is designed for new and retrofit HVAC applications and features the Telemecanique Altivar 31 drive. The AC drive includes all mounting hardware and wiring connections, is NEC 2005 Art. 409-compliant, and comes with a Mag-Gard circuit breaker for resettable overcurrent and branch circuit protection. It is available in two base enclosure sizes in 1 hp to 20 hp at 460V ratings that require NEMA Type 1 general-purpose enclosures.
Schneider Electric
Circle 207

Wireless building automation system

APOGGE wireless field-level network is based on a redundant mesh topology. The network was designed to provide flexible, efficient control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in challenging building environments. The network was also designed to find a different transmission path if obstacles prevent the signal from finding its target.
Siemens Building Technologies
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Non-cycling lamp

The high-pressure sodium, non-cycling Ceramalux lamp eliminates the unwanted “cycling” that causes outdoor lamps to turn off and on at the end of life. When the lamp reaches its end of life and goes out, it will stay out. The lamp contains 90% less mercury than the company's standard Ceramalux high-pressure sodium lamp and passed the EPA's TCLP test for non-hazardous waste. It's average life is 30,000 hours, and it is available in two shapes and five wattages from 70W to 400W.
Philips Lighting
Circle 209

Lighting fixtures with five-tap ballasts

Five-tap ballasts are now an optional feature on many of this company's lighting fixtures outfitted with metal-halide, pulse-start metal-halide, and high-pressure sodium lamps. This new feature will allow users a solution for each of the five U.S. voltage systems: 120V, 208V, 240V, 277V, and 480V. The company claims the new feature will reduce stocking requirements for the end user, distributor, and contractors involved in fixture installation and maintenance.
Circle 210

Self-testing exit and emergency lighting

The Smart-Check feature on this company's emergency and exit products is a preprogrammed microcontroller that continuously monitors the unit's operational readiness, automatically performs code-mandated battery discharge testing, and communicates service status and alerts via a dual-colored LED indicator. The microcontroller also performs the required NFPA 101 LifeSafety Code and NEC code-compliant testing of 15-min. battery discharge every 30 days and 90-min. full discharge every 12 months.
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Voltage drop software

Lite-Calcs 2.0 is a second-generation software program for calculating voltage drop. The software's new features include enhancements for developing voltage drop calculations for fire alarm control panels, notification appliance circuits (NAC), and auxiliary power supplies. It includes a database for editing, adding, and deleting parts and displays a device description on the screen when a device is selected.
Fire-Lite Alarms
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