Portable scope/meter

The model S2405 battery-operated, dual-channel, multi-function DSO/DMM features a 5 MHz bandwidth, 50 MS/sec sampling rate, and 50mV sensitivity. Its DSO section features an 8-bit resolution with a record length of 512 bytes for single shot/glitch capture along with 256 bytes for other modes. The instrument is capable of saving as many as 16 waveforms and setups in memory, and its vertical sensitivity ranges from 50mV to 500V with 600VDC or AC rms maximum input voltage. It incorporates built-in auto/manual ranging and can capture measurements like VDC/VAC, ohms, frequency, rpm, pulse width, continuity, and duty cycle.
Protek Test and Measurement
Circle 203

Label software and printer

MaxiLabel V2 Windows software includes more than 500 ANSI safety symbols as well as more than 600 general industrial and office symbols. Users can import their own graphics and images into label designs, and custom labels can be designed and printed one at a time or in batches. The LabelShop 2010-PC printer connects to a laptop or PC with a USB cable and features a small footprint. Users can print custom labels with industrial-grade adhesive in 23 different color combinations from 1/6 in. to 1 in. wide.
Circle 206

Hand lights

These vapor-proof/waterproof hand lights are designed for indoor and outdoor use and accommodate a vapor-proof Pyrex globe and a 100W max incandescent or fluorescent lamp. The lights feature sockets that are constructed and molded in Hypalon rubber. An O-ring forms a watertight seal around the neck of each bulb, which eliminates problems associated with oil, dirt, and moisture. They have an internal steel crush-proof reinforcing ring and an accessible brass grounding ring that can be made to meet the user's specific lengths, cable size, number, and spacing of sockets.
Circle 204

Wire manager

Designed for work stations, the Snake Charmer wire manager organizes cables in a module that can remain free-standing or mounted to the wall, desk side, or hardware component. It comes equipped with a snap-on cover.
Snake Tray
Circle 201

Plugs, connectors, and receptacles

Designed for harsh, mission-critical, wet or damp conditions, Wetguard watertight plugs, connectors, and receptacles are offered in 15A, 20A, and 30A, 125VAC through 347/600VAC, 3-phase, wye-connected configurations. The devices feature a strain relief system with an engineered toothed grip cord-compression ring sealer, which is designed for use with 18-3 SO to 8-5 STO cords. They have EPTR thermoplastic rubber bodies and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Non-magnetic stainless steel assembly screws prevent electromagnetic interference with electronic equipment. The devices are available in yellow or black and are UL-Listed and CSA certified for the environmental ratings of NEMA Type 4, 4X, 6, and 6P.
Circle 200

Hazardous location intercom

Available in 120/240VAC, 50/60 Hz, and 24VAC/VDC models, the 5570M intercom is a two-way communications device that's designed for industrial and hazardous locations. The intercom can function in a balanced or unbalanced line operation and in a master or satellite mode configuration. It features transformer isolated audio inputs and four different alert tones. The intercom is rated for NEMA Type 3R installations, as well as for Class II Div. 2 and Class III hazardous locations.
Edwards Signaling & Security Systems
Circle 205