UPS systems

The ON series of universal-mount UPS systems now includes the ON1500 with 1,440VA and the ON2000 with 1,920VA. The systems are capable of a vertical, horizontal, or 19-in. rack mount orientation and have a front-panel display that can be rotated for easy viewing from all directions. The ON1500 occupies 2U or 3.5 in. of space, and the ON2000 occupies 4U or 7 in. of space. Both systems operate at 60-Hz or 50/60-Hz frequencies.
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Rotary UPS

The Starsine rotary UPS system provides 12 sec of ride-through in the event of power line sags, swells, and outages. The UPS system is available in power ratings from 315kVA to 2,200kVA with an operating voltage between 380V and 4.16kV. The system comprises an inductor motor/generator that operates in conjunction with a surge-limiting line reactor, electronics control package, low-speed flywheel, engine, and connecting clutch to generator, if required, for long-term standby. If the interruption lasts longer than 2 sec, the stored energy in the flywheel provides ride-through until the engine generator replaces the UPS system as the primary power source to the load.
SatCon Power Systems
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Power quality analyzer

The PA-9Plus portable power quality analyzer uses phase lock loop technology to increase the instrument's frequency measurement range from 20 Hz to 70 Hz. The instrument tracks flicker measurements (PST/PLT) while continuing to record events, rms voltage, power, energy, waveforms, and harmonics. Users can view previously recorded data, charts of tracked voltages, currents, waveform graphs, and reports of out-of-limits information by event type on the backlit LCD.
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UPS system with power factor

The 9315 3-phase, double-conversion online UPS system now has a 0.9 output power factor on the 400kVA and 500kVA models that increases the true power output from 400kW to 450kW without increasing the size of the unit. The system has an embedded communications bay that provides support for remote monitoring via a standard Web browser, e-mail, or network system. It also includes a battery monitoring system, which prevents load losses due to unexpected battery failure.
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Power monitoring instrument

The 8-channel PowerXplorer PX5-400 provides monitoring and measurement for 400-Hz and 50/60-Hz applications. The instrument performs sampling and data capture at 256 samples/cycle/channel; low-, medium-, and high-frequency transients through peak, waveshape, rms duration, and adaptive high-speed sampling; AC/DC measurements for events lasting 1 ms to 1 hr; data characterization; cross-triggering; and measurement of distortion parameters. All measurements can be viewed on a color touch screen and translated into six languages.
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Telephony protection system

The Liebert IP power protection system for telephony equipment includes the manufacturer's GXT2 UPS system with capacities from 700VA to 6kVA in 2U and 4U sizes. The system includes online double-conversion topology and a maintenance bypass to provide uninterrupted operation of protected equipment during UPS service. All components are packaged in a lockable enclosure, which is available in wall-mount and floor-mount configurations.
Emerson Network Power
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