Work boots

The men's Sequoia (D94112) boot features ASTM-certified steel-toe reinforcement, a full-grain leather upper and padded collar to help keep workers comfortable and protected. A full-cushion sock lining and oil-resisting rubber outsole protects workers from the outside in. Bar & Shield logo is included on the boot's ankle.
Circle 250

Strut fastener

The Kindorf Trapnut strut fastener reduces the time to install trapeze framing and support systems by eliminating the need to thread a nut from either end of a threaded rod. According to the company, time studies indicate the strut fastener takes 30% less time to install in new-work applications than standard fasteners, and 43% less time in retrofit applications. It features a scissor design, which consists of top and bottom plates fastened with a pin, enabling the plates to swivel open and close. Closing at any position on the threaded rod, the scissor design and precision threads allow for fine-tuned adjustment in either direction.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 251

Hydraulic ground rod drivers

The LGRD-RV 16 and LGRD-RV 25 hydraulic ground rod drivers drive rods quickly to grounding depths of 7 ft to 10 ft. Rods up to ⅝ in. in diameter can be driven with the LGRD-RV 16, while the LGRD-RV 25 can handle larger ground rods with diameters up to 1 in. Each driver delivers 1,740 blows per minute. Weighing 45 lb each, they feature a high power-to-weight ratio. Both drivers come with a remote control operating valve, enabling the operator to engage the unit from a switch in the hydraulic line.
Atlas Copco Construction Tools
Circle 252

Audio distribution system

The Squeezebox audio distribution system has been integrated into Lagotek's Home Intelligence Platform, allowing a variety of digital music files, including uncompressed and lossless formats, across a true 802.11g wireless network connection. It includes a directory of thousands of Internet radio stations, and features Pandora's personalized music and Rhapsody's 2-million song collection.
Slim Devices/Lagotek
Circle 253

Electronic ballasts

Intended for compact fluorescent lamp applications, these electronic ballasts feature universal input voltage (108V to 305V) and are compatible with most infrared-based remote control applications. With multiple lamp wattages and multiple numbers of lamps, including “D”, Twin Tube, Quad Tube, Triple Tube, and Circline lamps, they are suitable for various applications. Available with bottom or side entry terminal blocks, they feature color-coded connectors to ensure wiring accuracy, and reduce assembly and installation time.
American Ballast
Circle 254

Insulated nut drivers

This expanded product line includes nine insulated nut drivers with 6-in.-long shafts, as well as two nine-piece nut driver kits available in either 6-in. shafts (Cat. No. 33524) or in 3-in. and 4-in. shafts (Cat. No. 33523). The 6-in. insulated nut drivers have a full hollow shaft that allows for work on long bolt applications, allowing full engagement with the nut to hold fasteners securely in place. They also provide additional distance from energized sources.
Klein Tools
Circle 255