Halogen downlights

The Architekture T4 quartz halogen downlight is a series of 6-in. and 8-in. aperture downlights suitable for commercial high-ceiling applications. The downlights feature the company's Virtual Source lighting optics for uniform brightness control and optical cutoff at all visual angles. It accommodates a single vertically oriented quartz halogen lamp of either 250W or 500W and provides 2,000 hrs of lamp life. The downlights feature top and bottom re-lamping capability and a large high purity diecast aluminum heat sink.
Prescolite, a Div. of Hubbell Lighting
Circle 250

Mechanical reel jacks

The Simplex heavy-duty mechanical reel jack line features four models with capacities to support reels up to 40,000 lbs and 96 in. in outer diameter. These reel jacks all come with large wooden bases and low handles, designed to enhance safety and reduce operator fatigue. This line is offered in addition to the company's L-Series cable drum jacks, which are hydraulically activated.
Circle 251

Home automation platform

The Home Intelligence platform, which includes the company's HIP 100 Intelligent Controller and HIP 200 wireless interface hub, is compatible with the Z-Wave control environment. This home automation platform is software based rather than hardware based and includes basic features for whole home control of lighting, HVAC, distributed audio, security, and irrigation controls. The platform runs on the company's Fusion Suite Version 2.0 software.
Circle 252

Rotary dimmers

This expanded line of rotary dimmers includes a new dial on/off 600W dimmer, which activates by rotating the knob, and pre-set 1,000W single pole and 3-way dimmers, which turn on when the knob is pushed in. The dimmers feature 104V dimming ranges and offer heat management with no de-rating required on 600W versions. They are 1.24 in. deep and are available in new color-lighted options (light almond, ivory, and white) for easy location in the dark.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 253

Estimating software

QuickBooks Easy Estimate is designed to help contractors stay organized and easily create professional estimates. The software stores customer contact information, jobsite notes, itemized estimates, and final proposals all in one program. It includes proposal templates and job estimate templates to save the contractor time. QuickBooks can integrate with Easy Estimate, allowing contractors to pull in customer data and export estimates to QuickBooks to create invoices and track payments.
Circle 254

Cordless hammer drill

The TE 6-A Li lightweight cordless rotary hammer drill is powered by lithium-ion battery technology. This drill's battery can charge up to 75% capacity in 20 min, according to the company, and is equipped with an LED State of Charge indicator to let the user know how much power is left in the unit. It is designed to drill in concrete, stone, masonry, wood, plastic, and steel.
Circle 255

Time controller

The GM40 is a 40A, SPDT and DPDT, multi-voltage (120V, 208/240V, 277V) mechanical time control with an indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R standard enclosure. The timer's multi-voltage field-adjustable DIP switch allows the user to select the voltage required for the application. The GM40W weekly or 7-day/“skip-a-day” timer is also available with identical features as the standard GM40 timer. Its real clock face and captive trippers are settable on 15-min intervals. The unit also features a moisture-resistant conformal coating on the board to protect it from high humidity and dampness.
Grasslin Controls, a Div. of GE Consumer & Industrial
Circle 256


The heavy-duty XRP line of hammerdrill/drill/drivers includes three 18V models, three 14.4V models, and a 12V model. The hammerdrills come with a ½-in. self-tightening chuck, while the drill/drivers feature a ½-in. single sleeve axial locking chuck. Each hammerdrill/drill/driver has a patented three-speed transmission that optimizes the speed applied to each application.
Circle 257

Threading machine stands

This company's redesigned threading machine stands are designed to give the user more portability on the jobsite. Constructed of heavy-walled steel tubing, the stand features horizontal mounting for a stronger joint. It features adjustable widths compatible with the company's threading machines, and its large diameter wheels and wide handles are designed to allow for more convenient transport.
Ridge Tool
Circle 258

Ship augers

The Resi-Master line of ship augers is designed to provide faster, smoother drilling action with fewer jams. Available in overall lengths of 7.5 in. and 18 in., the augers have a 62° cutting angle used to reinforce the cutting edge, reducing wear. They also feature a secondary relief angle built-in for clearing wood chips and preventing jamming in thicker work pieces.
Ideal Industries
Circle 259

Sliding ladder rack

The Weather Guard interior sliding ladder rack mounts on the inside roof of a van or truck with a metal cap or an enclosed trailer. With its tension-locking device, the ladder rack can hold up to an 8-ft A-frame or extension ladder without buckles, latches, or ties. It is a modular system, encompassing adjustable front and rear cradle assemblies, which run along a rail.
Knaack Mfg.
Circle 260

Dimming ballast

The EcoSystem T5 HE ballast for use with the EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control solution is a low-profile T5 dimming ballast that provides the same digital fluorescent lighting control technology as the current “G” can ballast in a smaller (18 in. × 1.18 in. × 1.0 in.) profile. It is suitable for all one- and two-lamp lengths and voltages, including 2-ft, 3-ft, and 4-ft lamps in both 120V and 277V. The ballast is dimmable from 100% to 10%, which facilitates automated and manual dimming control.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 261

Accounting/estimating software

McCormick Systems electrical estimating software and automated building systems products are now fully integrated with Dexter + Chaney Forefront Construction Management Software for contractors. This combination is designed to allow users to easily set up budgets for projects without additional keystrokes. Users can transfer critical information from McCormick's software to Forefront's Job Cost module.
McCormick Systems / Dexter + Chaney
Circle 262

Fluorescent luminaires

The T-Series of fluorescent highbay luminaires feature T5 high output and T8 lamps, electronic ballasts, and high-efficiency optics. The series features two beam spreads — wide for open areas and narrow for aisles. The narrow beam features four lamps, while the wide beam features four or six lamps. All models can be surface mounted or suspended individually or in continuous rows.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 263