Power quality recorder

The DM-II Plus power quality recorder is available in a kit that includes the power recorder, three current transducers, and four cables and alligator clips housed in a rugged carrying case. In addition to measuring harmonics and voltage anomalies, the recorder offers ample data storage memory and a large easy-to-read display. Readings and charts can be viewed on the recorder's LCD screen or downloaded to a PC using Microsoft Windows-compatible software that is included in the kit.
Amprobe Test Tools
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Single-phase UPS

The UniStar P Series single-phase online UPS is now available in tower designs. Offered in 6-kVA, 8-kVA, and 10-kVA models, the UPS protects against outages and irregularities in incoming line voltages from 160VA to 280VA at 45Hz to 65Hz. Up to four modules can be installed in parallel for redundancy or additional capacity.
Staco Energy Products
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UPM products

This line of uninterruptible power management (UPM) products now includes 2.2kVA and 3kVA models. Both units feature a surge diverter, noise filter, and low-impedance isolation transformer and operate on the utility supply or battery. When operating on battery, the UPMs provide a clean, low-distortion sine wave for 8 min to 10 min, depending on load. Additional features include user hot-swappable batteries, casters, leveling feet, full front panel controls and indicators, and RS232 and USB communications interfaces for use with the company's Communication Manager Software Suite.
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Power supplies

Two additional versions have been added to the SCP-X Series of power supplies. The SCP100S24X-CP is designed for use in the physical layer of Ethernet/IP control power applications where the power supply output is connected to the ground. The SCP100S24X-DVN is designed for use in the physical layer of DeviceNet applications where the power supply output is isolated from ground. Both models are sealed in a metal case, feature mini-charge connectors, and feature 24VDC output that meets Class 2 requirements for limited power.
Circle 153

Rack-to-tower UPS

The HP R5500 rack-to-tower UPS features 1,500W per units, with 4,500W total in 3U. According to the company, this line-interactive UPS uses a digital signal processor rather than a transformer and provides voltage regulation without using the battery. In addition to two independently controllable load segments, an optional rack-to-tower conversion kit, and the company's power management software, the device features option cards and extended runtime modules for network capability and load segmentation.
Hewlett Packard
Circle 154

Medium-voltage TVSS equipment

This medium-voltage motor surge protector, TVSS, and RC snubber line provides transient voltage surge protection for motors and generators, incoming services, and transformers from 2.4kV to 25kV. Depending on the application, the products are available with arresters, capacitors, resistors, and fuses. The RC snubber, with its series resistor, is designed to protect against the high-frequency oscillation voltage transients of transformers when they are switched into or out of the system.
Northeast Power Systems
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