Job management software

QuickBooks: Premier Contractor Edition 2005 features more than 25 enhancements. The program has 18 contractor-specific reports, including six new advanced reports and a built-in workers' compensation tool. It also includes a new learning center that features short, interactive tutorials and tips that teach users how to set up job costing, as well as explains how to use the information to estimate more accurately, take more profitable jobs, and stay on budget.
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The Intelligent Thermostat is part of this company's digital lighting control system and features continuous fan operation, built-in short cycle protection, LED indicators, and automatic changeover from heat-to-cool and cool-to-heat. Users can adjust and monitor all settings, including heating and cooling levels, set back set-points, and keypad range controls, locally at the master relay panel or remotely from a PC via dial-up, the Internet, or intranet.
Lighting Control & Design
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Changeorder software

Version 6 of this company's ChangeOrder and ChangeOrder Pro software allows users to manage contract variations and produce professional-looking change notices. The updated software has enhanced reporting features, temporary assemblies, spell checking, text formatting, and the capability to export to Excel.
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Video server

The Digimerge D4202 video server is designed for retrofit or new installations where analog devices are to be integrated into a LAN or WAN network. The video server features two video inputs, four alarm inputs, an RS-485 control port, 640×480 VGA resolution, and a dynamic IP address via router. It supports duplex operation and includes two-channel server hardware and application software.
Digimerge Technologies
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Three-way receptacle

The Acenti electrical device collection features the Triplex receptacle, which accommodates three plugs simultaneously, eliminating the need for a power strip or adapter. The top and bottom outlets are reversed so low-voltage transformers can be plugged in without blocking the other outlet. The three outlets are integrated by an internal buss design and require only one hot, neutral, and ground connection.
Circle 254

Service communications software

The Mobile Pilot Program is a 30-day trial package for service companies that includes this company's MobileTEC product. The software connects field technicians with the home office and allows them to update their schedules; add parts; track materials; record labor, expenses, and mileage; send and receive e-mails; and manage scheduled maintenance.
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Recessed lighting

Available in three models, this line of recessed lights provide soft, subtle lighting. The recessed direct/indirect 1×4 troffer comes with a swing down micro-perforated lamp shield and a socket that locks the lamp into place. The recessed direct/indirect 2×2 troffer has the same features as the 1×4 model, except with a dual swing down micro-perforated lamp shield. And the recessed direct/indirect 2×4 troffer is a high-efficiency version of the 1×4. All of the models feature a fully recessed luminaire and lamp compartment that provides easy access to the ballast.
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Timesheet software

Cybermatrix Timesheets Version 2 is a Windows-based timesheet entry program that now includes support for separate divisions that each have different configurations, administrators, project lists, and employee lists. The timesheet can be submitted and rejected as well as saved and approved, and timesheet rejection notices and late timesheet reminders can be automatically e-mailed. Employee time data can also be exported to QuickBooks.
Cybermatrix Corp.
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Video transmission products

Designed specifically for installers experienced with structured cabling systems, this full range of video transmission products features RJ-45 connectivity, and unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) transceivers allow the use of new or existing UTP wire. The products are available in 4-, 8-, 16-, and 32-channel rack-mountable units with RJ-45 video inputs for passive-to-passive multi-channel applications under 750 ft and passive-to-active multi-channel applications as high as 3,000 ft. The 8- and 16-channel active hubs also feature a built-in DA output, with quad or dual outputs per channel, respectively.
Network Video Technologies
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