Panel-mount LED lamps

The PNL-1145 series LED lamps are direct incandescent replacements for discontinued GE ET5/6 incandescent high-voltage panel indictor lamps found in the control rooms of power plants, substations, and utilities. The lamps feature a fixed LED, removable lens, threaded metal shaft, and adjustable nuts and washers that allow the lamp to be front- or rear-mounted in panels 2.2 in. thick. They're available in 24VDC, 48VDC, 125VDC, and 250VDC, and come in aqua green, warm white, super blue, ultra yellow, and ultra red.
Circle 208

Flooded battery post

This square post is designed for this manufacturer's GU/GT line of flooded batteries, which are used for long duration float applications like central office and mobile-switching office standby power. The post is cross-drilled to allow for battery installation in any direction, and it can hold four intercell connectors regardless of cell orientation. Two of the connectors can remain in operation while the other two are cleaned, which makes cell maintenance possible without taking the entire battery system offline.
Circle 201

Fire control panel

The IFP-50 analog/addressable fire control panel has drift compensation and two notification appliance circuits that can be programmed for notification outputs or auxiliary power. The control panel has built-in support for 50 analog addressable modules and uses standard wire. Any combination of the addressable devices can be used on a single SLC loop. It includes a pre-trouble maintenance alert that identifies problems before they happen, and a built-in digital communicator for remote reporting of system activity and system programming.
Silent Knight
Circle 205

Tamper-resistant face plate

Available in four colors, the Secure-IT tamper-resistant plate has four ports and a sliding cover that protects mated and unmated workstation outlets from tampering. The plate has staggered angled keystone openings that provide proper cable bend radius. The base and the cover of the plate contain label fields, and there are spaces for port icon labels to mark individual workstation outlets. Its latch opens with a screwdriver, and a security screw can be affixed underneath the label holder on the cover for additional tamper resistance.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 207

Battery-powered pump

Designed to work with this manufacturer's remote head crimp and cutter tools, the Pumpac LT is a 24V battery-operated pump that powers hydraulic tools. The pump has 10,000 psi of continuous pressure and weighs 22 lbs, including the battery. It can be worn on one shoulder or strapped to the user's back and operated with a handheld remote control. The pump can also be operated from an external power source like a motor vehicle connection.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 206

Surge protection fuse

The varistor surge protection fuse is designed for TVSS products and can survive 8×20m/sec lightning surges without opening. Rated for peak surge currents from 5kA to 100kA, it protects TVSS entrance panels, high-capacity UPS systems, and devices that have integrated transient voltage surge functions like motor controls and generators. The fuse has a maximum 200kA interrupt rating at 600VAC.
Circle 204

Handheld labeler

The Idexpert handheld labeler features bar codes and more than 80 industrial/commercial symbols, including sets for electrical, voice/data, warning, safety, and operational applications. The labeler comes with colored continuous tapes, wire marker sleeves, self-laminating wire markers, terminal block markers, patch panel markers, and general-purpose die-cut labels. It prints characters as tall as 1.25 in. on 1.5-in. wide label stock, and it's available in ABC-style layout or keyboard layout.
Circle 202