Designed for commercial settings, the 117 Electrician's Multimeter includes integrated VoltAlert non-contact voltage detection that senses the presence of AC voltage and determines proper grounding with a visual indicator. It also features Auto-V automatic volts detection that automatically determines AC/DC voltage and a new low-impedance input function to prevent false readings due to ghost voltage.
Circle 200

Dimmable LEDs

The model BC independently dimmable LED fixture is designed for indoor use in walls or ceilings and can be used in damp locations. The fixture can be fed with 120V or 277V, and it features a modular design to allow for easy change of the LED module and faceplate. Available in an assortment of LED colors, it is 4.7 in. wide, 4 in. long, and 3.5 in. deep, with a faceplate that measures 6.4 in. wide by 6.2 in. long.
Gemini One Five Luminaires
Circle 201

PDF software

Acrobat 8 software is designed to allow users to more effectively engage with the information in PDF documents and forms. The software's new user interface is designed to enable first-time users and returning professionals to combine, sign, and protect PDF files, interact with PDF forms, review and collaborate on documents, or launch a real-time Web conference. Acrobat 8 products, as well as Reader 8, now provide one-button access to the company's Acrobat Connect 1 software for real-time Web conferencing.
Adobe Systems
Circle 202

Circuit breaker lockouts

These Grip Tight circuit breaker lockouts are designed to provide a secure grip with a simple thumb turn and clamping handle. Model 493B is for standard single and double breaker toggles, and Model 491B is for tall and wide breaker toggles. Model 506 is a set of both devices, which accept all American Lock and Master Lock padlocks and hasps.
Master Lock
Circle 203

Recessed lighting

Elate is a full line of specification-grade commercial recessed lighting, featuring options such as energy-efficient products, open and lensed downlights, wall washers, louvered downlights, internal adjustables, pull-down adjustables, and surface cylinders in uniform aperture sizes. These lighting products use reflectors designed to produce low brightness and high efficiency. They also feature vented die-cut CFL socket caps to operate lamps at their optimal temperature range.
Juno Lighting Group
Circle 204

Fluorescent lamp

The Triten 50 Ultra T8 fluorescent lamp is designed to provide high lumen output while maximizing energy and maintenance savings. The T8 lamp contains a specialized tri-phosphor blend and is designed with up to a 70% reduction in mercury, complying with the EPA's Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Process (TCLP). The 32W, 4-ft lamp produces 3,100 initial lumens and 2,950 mean lumens, as well as a CRI of 86.
Radiant Lamp Co.
Circle 205


The Champ Voyager nR stainless steel floodlight is designed for hazardous areas and features a stainless steel exterior, low temperature ratings, and restricted breathing rating as standard. The floodlight is suitable for Class I, Division 2 and Zone 2 areas and boasts a wide, powerful beam designed to deliver more light to critical areas of a process, waterway, or pathway.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 206

Programmable logic relay

The compact Kinco programmable logic relay is designed for the control and supervision of low and medium complexity automation projects. The unit includes a four-line display and eight control/programming buttons. They can be configured for up to 44 inputs/outputs and are available with 24VDC or 100VAC to 240VAC integral power supply. They also feature base modules with 10, 12, and 20 inputs/outputs, add-on expansion modules with four inputs and four outputs, analog inputs, relay and transistor outputs, and PWM output.
Lovato Electric
Circle 207

Rail assembly design software

RailDesigner 4.0 software is designed to help select, plan, and order custom-designed rail assemblies. The software includes new features like its RailDesigner Assistant that helps navigate the user through every process. It also boasts improved database capabilities, the ability to create a subassembly as one part, and enclosure design software. Projects generated with normal CAE software can be imported into RailDesigner 4.0 via an integrated interface.
Circle 208

Electrical design software

EPLAN Electric P8 is a new version of the company's EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21 packages for electrical design automation. The software features an interoperable database structure, which combines the relational graphic database in EPLAN 5 with the object-oriented database in EPLAN 21. It also automatically produces any documentation or reports as a byproduct of the automated design engineering process, including electrical schematics, panel layouts, wire lists, bill of materials, PLC codes, device tags, and wire labels.
EPLAN Software & Services
Circle 209

Lighting control transformers

This line of lighting control transformers automatically resets after experiencing an overload situation. The transformers are designed for lighting control panels or wherever Class 2 protection is required to actuate banks of relays, contactors, solenoid valves, pilot lamps, or similar loads. They are available in various UL- and C-UL-listed models, each with 40VA continuous and 75VA intermittent capacity ratings for 50/60 Hz service. Their input voltage options vary, but all feature a 24V output.
Foster Transformer
Circle 210

High-temperature tape

Scapa C401 is a glass cloth, single coated with a silicone adhesive. This non-flammable adhesive tape is designed to protect and insulate heavy-duty motors, transformers, and coils. The tape can withstand temperatures of up to 500∞F, but can still be removed without leaving adhesive residue.
Scapa Industrial
Circle 211

Remote sensors

The Remote Access Sensor (RAS) is designed for maintenance technicians that monitor mechanical, electrical, and fluid applications in areas where accessibility is an issue. The remote sensor includes a sensing transducer, which is permanently mounted on a test subject such as a pump, motor, bearing, or valve housing. It is connected to a cable, which can be inserted through a test port and attached to one of this company's Ulraprobes to data log and/or record sound samples for analysis.
UE Systems
Circle 212

Circuit breakers

The Square D Masterpact NW molded-case circuit breakers now offer a broad range of protection for DC applications. The circuit breakers are available in both fixed and drawout construction — with circuit breaker or switch options — to fit a variety of additional applications. With amperage ratings of 800A to 4,000A and voltage ratings of 600VDC floating and 500VDC loaded, the breakers are suitable for use on ungrounded, uninterruptible power supplies.
Schneider Electric
Circle 213