Fixed capacitor assemblies

The StacoVAR ML line of fixed capacitor assemblies is designed to provide power factor improvement for applications from 2 kvar to 200 kvar. Available in 240VAC, 480VAC, and 600VAC versions, the complete assembly is UL 508 listed. Its standard NEMA 1 enclosure includes flanges for mounting on floors, walls, or equipment. Its capacitors are 3-phase metallized polypropylene — self-healing to prevent permanent dielectric breakdown.
Staco Energy Products
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Line interactive UPS systems

The Nova AVR 600VA and 1,100VA line-interactive UPSs can be managed remotely from a Web browser or a network management system using the company's network management proxy agent and built-in USB. These UPSs are designed to protect home PCs, networked workstations, and point-of-sale systems against damaging power disturbances. Compatible with the company's Personal Solution-Pac power management software, they feature automatic voltage regulation and line-interactive technology to reduce input voltage fluctuations, saving battery capacity.
MGE UPS Systems
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AC voltage regulator

The VR120-15 voltage regulation and power distribution system monitors and stabilizes a facility's AC power. The system accepts an input range of 97VAC to 148VAC and provides a processor-controlled, zero-crossing circuitry for ultra-low EMI — 120VAC output (+/- 5V). It includes over-voltage protection, EMI/RFI filtering of the power output, and circuitry to monitor potential over-temperature conditions. It provides nine 120VAC/15A outlets and a front-panel LED bar graph to monitor the incoming voltage and indicate low- or high-voltage input.
Pulizzi Engineering
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Surge protector

The Valvetrab Compact is a DIN-rail-mountable surge protection device. Featuring symmetrical plugs and bases, this surge protector measures 12mm per channel, has 40kA (8/20) surge current handling capacity, and is designed to handle worldwide power system configurations. It offers local and remote indication concerning the status of the protection plugs and is available to address 1-phase, 2-phase, or 3-phase power systems.
Phoenix Contact
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Frequency and phase converters

The ED series of rackmount frequency and phase converters is designed to address the phase imbalance problems encountered when connecting single-phase equipment to a 3-phase 400 Hz source. These compact 2U converters feature the company's regenerative online sine wave inverter technology for clean power. Available in 1.5kVA, 2.0kVA, and 2.4kVA models, they provide frequency conversion and online UPS power protection through optional external battery banks and come in a double-conversion design.
Falcon Electric
Circle 154

Emergency power inverters

PCF-84 and PCF-FT series power-interrupt and fast-transfer AC emergency power inverter systems are designed to provide continuous power for illumination. Available for input and output voltages of either 120V or 277V, these units can operate with fluorescent, incandescent, and HID lighting fixtures, as well as other current-resistive electrical equipment. The PCF-84 power-interrupt system provides 90 min of universally compatible emergency power to fluorescent lighting fixtures and operates both “normally on” or “normally off” power loads. The PCT-FT fast-transfer line voltage to emergency power system prevents interruption of the load during a power failure and provides 500VA to 2,000VA of power.
Circle 155

Power monitor

The Encore series of permanent power quality monitoring systems features configurable designs that allow users to specify instrumentation configurations. The monitors are available with a variety of voltage, current, and data acquisition modules to build from one to four virtual instruments in a single, compact format. It uses the same multi-user Web interface of the company's Signature System and the local color touch screen display (optional) of the company's PX5 family.
Circle 156

Energy and PQ meter

The socket-mount ION 8600 energy and power quality meter is designed with Class 0.2 metering accuracy and features up to 10 MB of memory. The meter also offers power quality analysis capabilities and up to five simultaneous communication ports. It can be ordered fully customized with customer-specified programming and meets IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S and ANSI C12.20 Class 0.2 standards.
Power Measurement
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Sine wave inverter

The AEP-2000R series of 2kVA rackmount pure sine wave inverters is available in three standard input configurations of 12VDC, 24VDC, and 48VDC, and output versions of 115VAC or 230VAC. All models feature a display to monitor/indicate low input voltage, short circuit, input overvoltage, over temperature, overload, and low battery.
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