Double-conversion UPS

The A11H Series true online double-conversion UPS features a 55VAC to 150VAC input voltage window and a 40-Hz to 120-Hz input frequency window. UL1778-approved, the UPS is available in 1kVA, 1.5kVA, 2kVA, and 3kVA models. According to the company, the UPS fits in different allowable footprints and will sync with any generator.
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3-phase UPS

Designed for medium- and large-scale data centers, the Symmetra PX 250/500kW 3-phase UPS can be scaled in 25kW increments up to 500kW. Key features of the UPS include double-conversion online inverter power modules, hot-swappable batteries, a large touch-screen graphical user interface (GUI), and a side-mounted maintenance bypass switch. Additional features include N+1 redundancy, automated predictive maintenance capabilities, increased overload capacity, and on-the-fly firmware upgrades.
APC/Schneider Electric
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Surge protection device

Designed for medical facilities, the Strikesorb surge protection device (SPD) meets the revised UL 1449 3rd Edition Safety Standard. The SPD can be installed at the building service entrance or anywhere critical equipment is connected. In addition, the module can be directly connected onto the bus bar on the load side of a circuit breaker . Offered in two versions, the 40-mm module is rated at 140kA (8/20), and the 80-mm module is rated at 200kA (8/20), according to NEMA LS-1.
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