Fastening driver

With a hammer and anvil power-train system, the Impactor fastening driver uses torque as the driving force. The driver measures 6 in. long, 9.75 in. tall and weighs less than 4 lb, and its 0.25-in. quick-change chuck accepts standard powerdrive shank bits for driving or drilling in wood or metal.
Circle 253

Recessed luminaires

Equipped with two 10W to 26W fluorescent lamps and electronic, DALI-compatible control gear, the Compact 100 series of recessed luminaires is designed for all open-plan, general lighting in office and commercial buildings. Available in two versions, the luminaires feature a cut-off angle that's less than 30°, and they're optimized for use in rooms as tall as roughly 10 ft. One model features a light ring and has a 4-cell darklight reflector insert, and a ribbed lens covers the peripheral aperture so that the reflector appears to float. On the other model, the aperture is completely covered with a new type of microprism lens that when viewed in the ceiling, is only visible as a light aperture with unobtrusive brightness.
Erco Lighting
Circle 257

Multi-function scanner

The MultiScanner OneStep is a three-in-one tool that can find the center and edges of wood or metal studs and joists up to 4 in. wide in one pass, detect unshielded “hot” electrical wires behind walls, floors, and ceilings, and pinpoint metal pipes, nails, rebar, electrical boxes, and exhaust vents. The unit can see through surfaces up to 1.5-in. thick and can see through up to 3 in. of concrete to locate rebar. It features a large, backlit LCD, a beam of light pointing system that shines over the center of the target, and an audio signal to indicate the target.
Circle 250

Dual lamp CCFL driver

Designed for use with the Sharp 10.4-in. LQ104V1G21 LCD, the LS530 compact DC-to-AC inverter is designed for driving cold-cathode fluorescent lamps in LCD back-lighting applications. The driver features 10W of total output power and provides an input range of 9.6V to 14.4V and an output current of 3.0mA to 7.0mA per lamp. It also has 1,500V rms start-up voltage, 60 Hz output frequency, and 0.9A input current.
Taiyo Yudon (U.S.A)
Circle 252

Pickup storage box

The Pickup Pack is a lockup security box that can be installed in mid-sized and full-sized pickup trucks. It has a cab guard, gull wing saddle box, two lockable low side boxes, a center hatch, and removable ladder rack. When closed, the hatchback also locks the tailgate, which makes the bed area secure and weather-resistant, and there's a space beneath the storage box for cargo.
Highway Products
Circle 255

Fire system manager

Supporting as many as 16 nodes, the IFP-Net fire system manager is a PC-based system that works with this company's IFP-1000 and IFP-100 analog/addressable fire control panels. The system's interface allows users to graphically capture and display fire events and conditions throughout a facility. Users can also auto-navigate and locate the device related to an alarm or event based on the priority of the event. Floor plans can be viewed by using the system's built-in zoom feature and a history manager records operator, event, and response time with a date stamp.
Silent Knight
Circle 254

Residential controls products

HomeSettings professional series products are designed for upscale residential and commercial lighting and environment control. The series uses Zensys Z-Wave, two-way, wireless mesh network communications technology that enables consumers to monitor and manage different systems around the area. The series comprises an in-wall master control, wall dimmer switch, wall switch, wall controller, duplex receptacle, multi-button wall controller, hand-held remote, wireless PIR sensor, and a contactor module.
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