The FN Series of parallel or N+1 redundant uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) features an enhanced processor using digital signal processing technology. Available in several models, the systems support a hardwire connection to any 208VAC to 240VAC single-phase, 2-wire plus ground power source.
Falcon Electric
Circle 152

Surge protector

The STC-CCTV single-channel in-line coax surge protector safeguards analog CCTV cameras from lightning strikes and electrical surges. Designed in accordance with NFPA 780 with up to 20kA of surge current capability, the unit implements a three-stage hybrid technology. Overvoltage transients are addressed with a primary gas discharge tube and silicon avalanche diode components.
Circle 151

UPS system

The SmartOnline 8kVA SU8000RT3U, SU8000RT3U1TF, and SU8000RT3UHW hot-swappable modular UPS systems include a PDU that manages input and output power connections and incorporates a manual bypass switch. The SU8000RT3U features 200V to 240V input and output, while the SU8000RT3U1TF includes a transformer module for additional 120V output. The SU8000RT3UHW offers 200V to 240V hardwire input and output. All models feature expandable runtime, flexible outlet configurations, remote management capability, and N+1 configurability.
Tripp Lite
Circle 150