Metal-halide lamps

Multi-metal Ignitek 360W and 400W lamps provide pulse-start performance on standard metal-halide ballast systems. The Ignitek 360W lamp can operate on existing 400W metal-halide ballasts and saves 40W of power per lamp compared to standard 400W lamps. The Ignitek 400W lamp operates on standard CWA 400W metal-halide ballasts and provides about 50% more lumen maintenance than standard 400W universal metal-halide lamps.
Eye Lighting International
Circle 250

LED luminaire

The series SLL003 ultra-slim shoebox LED cluster light module measures 1.5 in. high and weighs 14 lb. The module features 400 incandescent white 5-mm LEDs mounted on a PCB. It consumes 20W, emits 656 candela of light, gives off 700 lumens, and has a color temperature of 3,000°K to 3,500°K. Optional LED colors include red, green, orange, yellow, cool white, and blue.
Circle 254

Metal-halide spotlight fixture

Designed specifically for the Philips CDM family of lamps, the TPM111 series spotlight features an internal cartridge that accepts a wide range of architectural accessories. This heavy-duty extruded and cast aluminum fixture is available in graphite, platinum, silver, black, and white finishes, and features a variety of mounting options.
Lighting Services
Circle 255

Low-profile CFL lamp

The Spiral-Lite low-profile Par 38 is a low-heat, 8,000-hr, 20W lamp that offers 65 LPW. The lamp features a blown-coil fluorescent tube coated with earth phosphors and a ventilation system that allows airflow and prevents burnouts in recessed can applications. It's available in color temperature ratings of 2,700°K, 3,500°K, 4,100°K, and 5,000°K.
Litetronics International
Circle 251

LED light strip

The LS07G5 includes 10 E-power LEDs on a strip 10 in. long, but custom designs are available to fit specific customer needs like strip length, number of LEDs, and other requirements. The light strip has a viewing angle of 100°, a total flux of 20 lumens, and input of 5V. It operates in a temperature range of -20°C to 80°C.
Para Light
Circle 252

LED lighting array

The Modular Optical Array S-1 is the first product to feature this company's High Intensity Vorticular Enclosure (HIVE) modular system, which uses a red, green, and blue LED for color mixing and lighting effects. The S-1 holds an IP68 rating and can be used in fully submersible applications as well as normal dry, open conditions. It's DMX512-controllable and creates as many as 16.7 million colors at 256 levels of intensity. The S-1 has a low-voltage power supply and a power consumption of 5W per module.
Circle 253


Designed for construction sites, service centers, and general maintenance applications, 6000 series commercial-grade handlamps feature this company's NO-ROL cage with a rotating hook. The handlamps resist oil, dirt, abrasion, and impact and have a zinc-plated, 10-gauge steel cage that won't rust or corrode. They have all-weather 16/3 yellow thermoplastic cords with molded plugs and a grounded polypropylene handle with a built-in 10A, 125VAC receptacle and push-through switch. They accommodate up to 100W incandescent bulbs.
McGill Electrical
Circle 256

Lighting control products

EcoSystem fluorescent lighting control products are built around this company's EcoSystem ballast, which connects directly to photocells, infrared receivers, occupant sensors, and wallstations without interfaces, power packs, or controllers. The intelligent EcoSystem ballast interprets data collected by the sensors and wallstations, adjusts light levels accordingly, and then transmits the information to other ballasts.
Lutron Electronics
Circle 257