Pluggable circuit breaker

This pluggable thermal circuit breaker is designed for this company's series 282 DIN-rail-mount cage clamp terminal blocks. This single-pole circuit breaker measures 6 mm, features a push-button reset, and is available in switching or non-switching versions for protecting circuits rated as high as 10A. Its switching function allows the breaker to manually connect or disconnect circuits while under load. With current ratings from 0.1A to 10A and approval for a range of voltage applications, the breaker is available for use with most AC and DC sensor circuits.
Circle 200

Gas gen-set

The G3520E natural-gas gen-set is designed for extended-duty distributed generation and combined heat and power applications. The gen-set operates at 60 Hz/1,200 rpm, is rated at 1,600kW, and features an open-combustion chamber design that allows for a low-pressure fuel system. It includes a digital microprocessor gas engine control module.
Circle 201

Inverter duty motors and gearmotors

Pacesetter AC inverter duty motors, gearmotors, and AC variable speed controls feature a 5-stage insulation system that meets NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. The motors and gearmotors are rated from 1/25 hp to ¾ hp, 230VAC, 60 Hz, 3-phase for operating with a wide range of inverter products. Standard features include aluminum center ring and endshields, hardened helical output gearing, and a totally enclosed IP-20 rating. The gearmotors are permanently lubricated and require no maintenance.
Bodine Electric
Circle 202

Lighting control master station

The LyteScene touch screen master station captures and simulates the control panel functions of any selected LYTEmode network master station or remote in real-time. The master station is compatible with the company's IGBT dimming cabinets and SCR diming panels. The system can display and change the setting of any control station in the system, though programming memory and functionality remains distributed so that the system does not rely on any single component for full operation. It has a 6.4-in. TFT VGA full-color touch screen, low power consumption, and upgradable software.
Lightolier Controls
Circle 203

Automatic transfer switches

These 5kV automatic transfer switches are UL Listed and labeled. An epoxy resin enclosure houses active switch components, providing resistance to electromagnetic stress. The switch operational functions are controlled by the company's model 2000 programmable control system. Its factory default settings can be reset using the front panel display and keypad. A standard SCADA control for use with any Windows operating system is available for systems control and data acquisition.
Circle 204

Flexible electrical conduit

Designed for extreme temperature conditions, the Liquatite line of flexible electrical conduit has formulated outer jackets and is available in three models. Type AT features a specially formulated PVC jacket that remains flexible at very low temperatures. Type ATLA is specifically designed for extreme hot and cold environments. Type ATX uses a halogen-free thermoplastic rubber jacket that's virtually unaffected by extreme temperature change.
Circle 205

Industrial battery chargers

The BCR series industrial battery chargers now feature a 12-pulse rectifier bridge design that fulfills requirements for reduced reflected current harmonics. By limiting the reflected harmonics to less than 10%, these chargers eliminate the need for additional filtering. The chargers are intended for use in UPS systems, coupled with this company's inverter or in a stand-alone station battery charging application.
AMETEK Solidstate Controls
Circle 206

Plenum fiber optic cables

These single- and multi-mode, indoor/outdoor, plenum-rated fiber optic cables can run directly between the telecommunication rooms of the buildings being linked. The cables are tight buffered with a 900-micron buffer and can accept connectors without a breakdown kit. Six to 12 fiber counts are currently available in the plenum design, and optical fiber options include 8.3-micron single-mode and both 62.5- and 50-micron multimode.
Hitachi Cable Manchester
Circle 207

Electrical receptacle

The PowerTite 200A electrical receptacle comes with a lid-lock feature that allows it to lock in the open position. The receptacle also features reverse service in the field and a built-in provision for a padlock hasp for security when the unit is being serviced and for general lockout.
Circle 208

Cable management system

The RCM-Plus cable management system combines vertical and horizontal cable management with various accessories. The vertical cable manager is offered in sizes from 3⅝ in. to 12 in. wide and from 66 in. to 108 in. tall. Horizontal cable managers are available in 1U to 3U sizes, with door covers and metal or plastic D-rings for cable routing. Available accessories include doors, cable spools, fasteners, and transition trays.
Cooper B-Line
Circle 209

Energy measuring tool

The Elitepro measures critical electrical loads and data trend usage, and it can be used for sub-metering. It features Windows-based software that graphically displays data, performs analyses, and allows automatic remote data collection from various sources.
Dent Instruments
Circle 210

Fire alarm software

The Lite-Specs 2.0 software builds custom fire alarm specifications for this company's fire systems. The software is equipped with a data sheet viewer and list builder and a file explorer window that permits users to view the layout of all text files in the specification. Job information and contacts can be stored in a database for use in future specifications.
Fire-Lite Alarms
Circle 211