Pool pump receptacle kit

This pool pump receptacle kit combines pump components of connection and control in a single unit. Designed for pools, spas, and fountains, the kit is available with either a 20A 120-277VAC single-pole switch and a heavy-duty 20A 125V NEMA L5-20 locking receptacle or a 20A 120-277VAC double-pole switch and a heavy-duty 250V NEMA L6-20 locking receptacle. Mounting hardware, gasket, closure plugs, wire connector, and tri-lingual assembly instructions are included with the kit, which is NEMA 3R rated, UL listed, CSA certified, and meets NEC Articles 680.22(A)(1) and 406.8(B)(1).
Circle 250

Rotary hammer

Designed for down-drilling and overhead drilling applications, the KHE D24 SDS is a D-handle rotary hammer that keeps the operator's hand and arm in line with the hole being drilled. The rotary hammer features a rotation stop, variable speed control, 12 settings for light chiseling work, a reverse feature, a die cast aluminum gearbox, and a gooseneck steel depth gauge. Its 5.6A motor provides a no-load speed of 0-1,000 rpm and can drill holes of up to 1 in. in diameter into concrete, block, brick, or stone using SDS-Plus carbide-tipped drill bits.
Circle 251

Raintight EMT fittings

This company's line of UL-listed raintight EMT steel compression-style fittings has been expanded to include larger trade sizes of 1 ¼ in. to 2 in. The fittings are designed for outdoor, damp, and wet conditions and have an internal sealing ring and gasket along with a KO sealing ring to prevent water from entering into electrical conduit, a box, or enclosure.
Circle 252

Exit and emergency lighting

NaviLite exit and emergency lighting is designed for retail, commercial, and industrial applications. The line includes exit signs, emergency lighting units, remote heads, and accessories.
Juno Lighting
Circle 253

Fusion splicing tool kit

This fusion splicing tool kit contains more than 25 items, including a miller stripper, 4-in. tie wraps, label maker, utility knife, cable cutters, electrical tape, and buffer stripper.
Fiber Instrument Sales
Circle 254

Vehicle loading device

The Gorilla Slide allows users to load and unload heavy items in work vehicles. The heavy-duty slide glides on sealed roller bearings on a galvanized steel track system. Made of heavy-gauge ⅛ in. aluminum, the slide can be safely locked and fixed in place in 10-in. increments and is rated to handle 1,200 lb evenly distributed.
Highway Products
Circle 255

Lighting control relays

EZ-MAX lighting control relays are available in three stock cabinet versions with four standard 120V/277V relays, four 2-pole relays, or four 347V relays for Canadian installations. Each relay can accept input from momentary, maintained, or toggle switches, as well as occupancy sensor, photocell, and low-voltage devices. They have circuitry that extends relay life to 10,000,000 switching cycles.
Circle 256

Laser level

The 3-beam laser level is designed for plumb, level, and square applications with an operating range up to 200 ft. The level has three precision bubble vials, designed to ensure accuracy, and requires three “AA” batteries. It's equipped with a detachable leveling plate, to level a unit to an uneven surface, and a magnetic base to ensure secure attachment to steel door frames and pipes.
Circle 257

Drilling systems

The TE 76P and TE 76P-ATC drilling systems are each outfitted with a 1,400W motor, designed for drilling applications ranging from 0.5 in. to 6 in. in diameter. The drills are equipped with a theft protection system limiting user-access. The TE 76P-ATC includes the company's active torque control system, which will stop the tool in a fraction of a second if it senses the housing rotating too fast.
Circle 258


The PF175H floodlight features a die-cast heavy-gauge aluminum construction with Alzak finish, an impact-resistant lens, a hinge door, and a NEMA Type 7 beam pattern. The floodlight is UL-listed for use in wet locations.
Circle 259

Metal-halide lamps

UniForm pulse-start tubular metal-halide (H75) lamps are designed specifically for horizontal operation without the need for a position-oriented socket. Available in 200W, 300W, 320W, and 350W models, the lamps provide less light pollution, offer reduced glare, and yield better cut-off from the luminaire.
Venture Lighting
Circle 260

Right-angle drill

The R7130 heavy-duty, 0.5-in. right-angle drill has an 8A extended motor life motor and is designed to halt operation when the drill's brushes are worn, before they can damage the motor. The drill also features an automatic safety clutch, hardened steel gears, and triple gear reduction.
Circle 261

Nylon electrical conduit

Flexicon FRI corrugated nylon electrical conduit protects current-carrying wires and cord sets from moisture, debris, insects, animals, oils, solvents, abrasives, and ultraviolet light. The conduit, which is flexible and crush-resistant, is available in sizes from 13 mm to 54 mm. It's temperature rated -58°F to 230°F, has low smoke and toxicity ratings, and is self-extinguishing.
Circle 262

Home control system

The HomeSettings home control system requires no wiring and is based on a wireless mesh network communications technology that enables users to monitor and manage lighting, security systems, and other home controls from anywhere in the world. The system includes a wall receptacle, appliance module, plug-in lamp module, outdoor module, outdoor screw-in lamp receptacles, in-wall dimmer switch, and a master remote control.
Circle 263

Snap-in fittings

Suitable for health care facilities, the Whipper-Snap connector is constructed of die-cast zing and features a hardened spring steel-locking ring. The connector's low profile locking device allows users to just push the connector into the knockout to install. It uses double locking tabs and additional tension tabs to eliminate snags and wire damage.
Circle 264

Linear lighting

This modular low-voltage linear lighting system has perforations on its track every 6 in., so its size can be altered with just a snap. Its transformer can be installed in a remote location and the system can be configured from there. The system includes frosted bulbs that last for more than 10,000 hr.
Kichler Lighting
Circle 265