LED lamp

The 120MBLS-X-CX is a wide-angled LED that operates to a maximum of 130VAC while drawing less than 8mA — 85% lower than that of a standard 120 MB incandescent light bulb, according to the company. In addition, the lamp features a shunt resistor to eliminate transient current and prevent a false positive indication by the LED. Available color options include red, amber, blue, green, and white.
Circle 250

Vacancy sensor

The RH-250 and RH-253 are a residential multi-location vacancy sensor and its compatible remote control switch. Designed for applications requiring more than one switch location, the sensor allows users to turn lighting on from any of the devices with the push of a button. In addition, the sensor uses advanced passive infrared sensing technology to detect occupancy in areas up to 600 sq ft. Each sensor can be set for a different time delay, and selected sensors can be set for automatic-on operation.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 251

Wall box sensors

These residential wall box sensors are vacancy- and occupancy-based controls that feature fixed time delays. All models offer 180°, 600-sq-ft coverage as well as an LED locator light. The sensors control up to 600W of incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage, and electronic low-voltage lighting loads, and ⅙-hp motors. The vacancy sensors meet California Title 24 standards. In addition, each device fits a single-gang standard switch box and uses a decorator opening wall plate. Color options include white, ivory, light almond, and black.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 252

Pipe/tubing cutter

The RC-2375 ratcheting plastic pipe and tubing cutter offers accurate cutting of up to 2⅜-in. O.D. capacity. Constructed of aluminum, the tool features quick change technology that allows the blade to be changed in seconds without tools and lasts up to 2,000 cuts, according to the company. Additional product features include one-handed operation, an easy-turn thumb latch that holds the cutter closed, and ergonomic grips built into the bottom handle spaced at ½-in. increments to provide a convenient pipe measuring scale.
Circle 253

Recessed downlights

The H247ICAT and H248ICAT1D recessed downlights feature the company's 6-in. aperture Air-Tite housings. Designed for ceilings with 2/12 to 6/12 pitch, both housings accept 26W, 32W, or 42W CFL lamps and feature an electronic ballast that provides quick start and flicker-free operation. According to the company, the H248CAT1D housing allows dimming down to 15% nominal with a 2-wire fluorescent dimmer and standard residential wiring. In addition, housings meet restricted airflow code requirements and are IC-rated. Installation features include bar hangers and junction boxes. Trim choices include white or black baffles.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 254

Wet-location luminaire

The Echo Velocity 3.5 wet location luminaire features three optical distributions and can be ground-, ceiling-, pendant-, or wall-mounted. Depending on the mount, the fixture can rotate up to 350°. IP66-rated, the product features a captive hinged lens and screws for relamping and maintenance. Interior damp-listed fixtures are also available.
SPI Lighting
Circle 255

Standby generator

The 17RES is a 17kW air-cooled standby generator. Fueled by either natural gas or liquid propane, the generator is powered by the company's 38-hp Command PRO engine. In addition, the product features a sound level rating of 68 dBA. According to the company, the engine requires oil changes every 150 hr, which is approximately double the time required by competitive units.
Circle 256

Solar-based generator

The Sunrnr is a zero-emission solar-based generator. The portable generator offers 120VAC power output and more than 2,000 hr of stored capacity. Measuring 24 in. × 25 in., product features include four AC plugs, a 12VDC socket, and a 130W/hr solar panel. An optional second panel is offered for faster charge rates.
Sunrnr of Virginia
Circle 257


The Grundodrill 4X is a compact drill that offers 9,800 lb of thrust and pullback, according to the company. The drill also features a dual hydrostatic pump system and a 4-auger stake down system. In addition, the tool comes with the company's Smart Vice system that performs vice cycling operations automatically.
TT Technologies
Circle 258

Cutting tools

The RUKO line of cutting tools includes step drill bits, jobber-length drill bits, machine taps, and knockout punches. Split point step drill bits are cubical boron nitride ground from a solid hardened form to provide spiral flutes without burrs. For normal drilling in conventional materials, the jobber-length drill bits are constructed of heavy-duty high-speed steel and feature a precise concentricity. Coarse and fine thread machine taps are available in nine sizes, are constructed of cobalt-alloyed high-speed steel, feature a reinforced shank for through threads, and have a spiral point. Knockout punch hole-cutting tools include punch, die, and draw bolt.
Automation Direct
Circle 259

Cable connectors

MCI-A cable connectors incorporate the company's Whipper-Snap or E-Z Lock designs. For use with aluminum interlocking armored all-purpose MC cable, the product line includes: Whipper-Snap single-screw, strap-type connectors to connect 14/2 to 10/4 MCI-A cable to a box or enclosure; Whipper-Snap 2-screw, strap-type connectors for use with 14/2 to 10/3 MCI-A cable; Whipper-Snap snap-in, U-shaped strap connectors for use with MCI-A cable 14/2 to 10/3; and E-Z Lock connectors to connect 14/2 to 10/4 aluminum MCI-A cable.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 260

Z-Wave software

ThinkEssentials v2.1 Professional Edition is an installer tool for Z-Wave-enabled homes. Version 2.1 adds advanced diagnostic features for Z-Wave networks and configuration tools for Vizia RF and Vizia RF+ devices. In addition, the product introduces backup and restore features for Z-Wave networks as well as signal strength analysis for compatible Z-Wave devices.
Circle 261

Field management software

HeavyJob field management software now includes safety capability. Types of safety training, including individual subjects, can be set up for use as a pick-list throughout a business. Each class of employee can then be set up with goals specific to that class. The product also can be used to record safety meetings using an electronic form that describes the topic, length, and attendees.
Circle 262

Band saw

The DWM120 portable band saw features a 10A motor. Weighing 15 lb, the saw offers a 5-in. cutting capacity and a serviceable shroud with rubber bumpers for enhanced durability. Other product features include a blade changing lever that loosens blade tension for fast blade changes, a cutting speed of 100 SFM to 350 SFM (surface feet per minute), a variable-speed drive dial, a soft-grip handle, and a hanger hook.
Circle 263