Compression sealed connectors

Designed for residential and commercial wiring installations, this series of compression-style connectors is for use in applications that require RCA, BNC, right-angled BNC, and F-type connections with RG-59, RG-6, and RG-6 quad shield cables. They're available in red, yellow, black, blue, green, and white.
Circle 251

Trailer-mounted lighting

Powered by a Deutz, 3-cylinder, 14.3-hp water-cooled diesel engine, these trailer-mounted lights feature a tilt-actuating system, which allows the user to vertically aim all four fixtures from ground level. The TML-4000N is 55 in. wide, and the TML-4000 is 70 in. wide. Both have UHMW slide pads throughout the tower to avoid metal-on-metal contact. The lights feature parallel-mounted metal halide lamps that are enclosed in cast aluminum fixtures, which provide a greater amount of light than co-axial-mounted bulbs. The lights can withstand wind speeds as high as 60 mph.
Genie Industries
Circle 257

Field computer

The Microflex CE8800 field computer weighs 2.76 lb and features 64 MB of internal Flash memory and 64 MB RAM. The computer is powered by Windows CE. NET 4.2, which makes it compatible with many standard data collection software packages. It's equipped with an on-screen keyboard that has dedicated function buttons, a wide color screen, and an Xscale processor. It can withstand temperatures from -20°C to higher than 50°C and features seals that keep out dust, humidity, and water.
Dap Technologies
Circle 250

Copper cabling system

The TX copper cabling system consists of connectors, patch panels, patch cords, and cable. This system includes a full line of Cat. 5, Cat. 6, and enhanced Cat. 6 copper cabling products.
Circle 252

Electronic dimming ballast

The Mark 7 family of 0V to 10V electronic dimming ballasts now features a 1.18 ballast factor. Designed for big box retail, warehouse, and commercial applications, this 277V ballast can operate four 32W T8 fluorescent lamps and comes in a 16.7-in. × 1.7-in. × 1.18-in. housing. The ballast can operate between 149W (100%) and 27W (3%). It features a programmed-start lamp ignition, total harmonic distortion less than 10%, automatic restrike, and operation above 42 kHz.
Advance Transformer
Circle 262

Outlet box

These single-gang, non-conductive boxes allow the user to install an electrical device on exterior or interior concrete block and other materials. Outdoors, it can be mounted to stucco as thick as 0.75 in., and indoors, it protrudes 1.25 in. for later installation of drywall and furring strips.
Circle 253

IP video server

The IP video server interfaces with this company's Cat. 5 camera system and allows for monitoring through a local area network or over the Internet via a standard Web browser. Users can set up the system to send a notification via e-mail, or trigger external alarms or sensors when motion is detected. The system includes a quad display for viewing four cameras at a time, a frame rate of 30 frames per second, and a built-in Web browser.
Pass & Seymour/Legrand
Circle 260

Magnetic bubble level

The L77 mini magnetic bubble level has four vials, each with anodized aluminum, for 0°, 95°, 45°, and 30° angle levels. Made with three earth magnets, the level has a V-groove on the top that offers a straightforward view of each vial. It's made from aluminum alloy, and the bending offsets and calculations are permanently laser-engraved on the level.
Circle 255

Fiber optic splices

These reusable elastometric lab splices are designed for making temporary fiber connections. Users insert a cleaved pigtail from an OTDR or power meter to the cleaved unconnectorized fiber. The housing receives 125µm to 140µm cladding diameters.
Fiber Instrument Sales
Circle 258

Nonmetallic switch boxes

The Speed-Mount nonmetallic switch boxes are designed for use with wood or metal studs. Users can install a device or switch by pressing the mounting screw into the device hole on the box and turning the screw to lock it into place. They're available in two-, three-, and four-gang boxes, and come with an integral clamping feature.
Cooper Crouse-Hinds
Circle 261

Grounding and bonding kits

These grounding and bonding kits have factory-terminated leads and include solid copper grounding bars, braided straps, terminated copper wire leads and lugs, insulator posts, and the hardware for mounting to the inside of cabinet doors and equipment racks.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 256

Stackable racks

Available in five models, Stacking Mac Racks feature caster mounting plates that engage when the racks are stacked safely. The Mac Rack and Mac Rack II have eight storage arms, the Bundle Mac features one large cradle, the Flat Mac functions as a platform truck, and the Tainer Mac can be attached to a crane for hoisting materials. Each cart comes assembled with 6-in. casters and a powder-coat finish.
Circle 259

Composite cables

Designed for pan/tilt/zoom cameras that are used in closed circuit televisions, this line of composite cables is offered in riser and plenum versions. The cables feature one RG-59 coaxial cable, 1-pair 18 AWG cable, and one 23 AWG UTP or one 18 AWG STP. They're made with the company's banana peel design where the individual color-coded cables are affixed to a center spine, which eliminates the need for an overall jacket.
Belden Electronics
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