Circuit breaker

The Square D DJM circuit breaker is designed to allow individual and multi-metered commercial structures with electrical systems rated at more than 18kA to use the company's 400A EZM branch devices. This circuit breaker allows for up to 100kA maximum fault current at 240VAC. Ideal for multi-floor office or residential buildings, the 3-pole breaker can be field-adjusted for current trip ratings between 160A and 400A.
Schneider Electric
Circle 203

Industrial luminaire

The Mercmaster III induction luminaire featuring QL induction technology is designed for hazardous and non-hazardous industrial lighting needs. The induction luminaire has a 20-year rated life or 100,000 hrs, and, even after 60,000 hrs, should maintain 70% of its total light output. Its other benefits include instant restrike, T3C “T Code,” no cycling at end-of-life, no flickering or stroboscopic effect, little or no sensitivity to power fluctuation, and harmonic distortion of less than 10%.
Circle 206

Measuring wheel

The SpeedMeter electronic measuring wheel is available in 4-in. and 13-in. wheel sizes. The wheel features a large LCD display, an electronic brake that holds the measurement until reset, and a telescoping handle to adjust for and facilitate storage. It can measure up to 10,000 ft/in., 10,000 yd/tenth, or 10,000 m/cm, and a touch button will convert any measurement. The unit adds the distance when going forward, and subtracts the distance when going backward. It is sealed to IP65/NEMA 4 specifications.
The C.H. Hanson Co.
Circle 209

Battery charger

Spectra is an industrial battery charger that provides DC power protection for control, signaling, and SCADA applications. The charger supports applications requiring 24 VDC, 48 VDC, and 130 VDC output voltages in capacities ranging from 6A to 50A. It is available with three different output-filtering options and can be floor-, wall-, or rack-mounted. The charger also has a SCR rectifier with a double-wound isolation transformer providing regulated DC output and current limiting capability.
Alpha Industrial Power
Circle 201

Soft starters

The Sirius 3RW40 and Sirius 3RW44 are multi-featured soft starters that can be used in a variety of start-up applications — from gently starting/stopping conveyor belts to hydraulic pumps. According to the company, the Sirius 3RW40 is half the size of a comparable wye-delta starter and can control two phases in the power range up to 300hp/460V. The Sirius 3RW44 is designed for more demanding motor starting applications, allowing it to start drives up to a power rating of 950hp/480V.
Circle 202

Cable cleaner

PF-200 and PF-400 cable cleaner is designed for splice and termination applications. These cleaners remove contaminants, residue, and conductive particles that can cause current leakage. PF-200 is nonflammable and fast evaporating, while PF-400 is low-odor, SNAP approved, free of chlorinated solvents, and has a high-flash point of 142°F. Both cleaners are non-conductive, non-corrosive, and non-staining.
PT Technologies
Circle 205

Power distribution unit

This switched power distribution unit (PDU) incorporates amp metering that allows network administrators to control up to 16 outlets, reboot individual equipment, and monitor current and voltage all from a remote location. The PDU allows full or individually assigned access for up to 100 unique users, who can access, configure, and control the switched PDUs through the company's Web browser, command line interface, SNMP, or Telnet interfaces.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 213

Current clamp meter

The AC50 leakage current clamp meter measures low AC currents to test ground conductors for leakage current down to 10 A. The meter also measures AC current to 60A and AC voltage to 400V. It offers a resistance measurement feature, a continuity beeper, and performs min/max and relative-value measurements. The compact meter is small enough to fit in a pocket, but has a wide jaw opening of 1.3 in.
Meterman Test Tools
Circle 207

High bay lighting system

The T8 high bay fluorescent lighting system was designed as an alternative to traditional HID and incandescent systems in high bay and open ceiling applications, such as gymnasiums, warehouses, manufacturing and industrial plants, distribution centers, and big box retailers. The lighting system purportedly provides 24,000 hours of lamp life and reduces energy costs by up to 60%. The company claims that the fixtures also provide better lumen maintenance — 94% at 40% rated life or design lumens — and better light uniformity.
Technical Consumer Products
Circle 211

Outdoor lighting fixture

This WFA incandescent fixture is designed for outdoor areas where moisture, dirt, or corrosion make providing bright, energy-efficient lighting difficult. Built with seamless die-cast metal construction, this fully gasketed weatherproof 120V fixture is outfitted with a protective powder coating to resist water and corrosion. It features a clear, heat-resistant glass globe and wire guard. Three mounting models are available — each for use with a 100W or 200W medium base lamp.
Circle 212

AC drive

The G5HHP AC drive provides up to 1,750 hp for devices such as pumps, fans, chillers, mining conveyers, and rock crushers/extruders. The drive is designed as a modular system, providing separate sections for the converter and inverter. This allows the user to customize the drives from 400A to 1,600A ratings. The drive is equipped with a serial port using standard Modbus protocol and a user interface that allows access to all parameters, diagnostics, and operational commands. Its non-regenerative front end can support a 12-,18-, or 24-pulse configuration for harmonic reduction.
Circle 210

Protective control panel

The GR 2400 SmartBreaker panel provides overcurrent protection and lighting control in a single unit, using solenoid-operated thermal magnetic breakers. The panel is part of the digital GR 2400 lighting control system, which provides daylight harvesting and features distributed controls. This panel allows for remote and local control of each breaker and can be integrated with any GR 2400 relay panel, MicroPanel, digital switch, photo sensor, and up to 127 digital devices.
Lighting Control & Design
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