Scalable UPS

The Pulsar MX 5000 RT UPS system is quickly scalable from 5kVA to 20kVA. This online double-conversion UPS features a 0.9 power factor, delivering 4,500W of power, built-in redundancy capabilities, hot swappable batteries and power modules, and integrated output receptacles for plug-and-play functionality. Designed to support network expansion, it can provide protection for 20 to 110 servers and can scale power and runtime as demand increases or when users require higher levels of availability.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 150

Frequency converter

The SSG Series 500VA is a single-phase online frequency converter, voltage regulator, and line conditioner. The 14-lb unit accepts a 45 Hz to 440 Hz input and yields a fixed crystal controlled 50 Hz or 60 Hz output. It also allows connected equipment to continuously operate during extended brownouts to 88VAC and features high-frequency galvanic isolation to isolate connected equipment against damaging high-voltage transients and common-mode noise.
Falcon Electric
Circle 154

Compact power meter

The PowerLogic PM870 power meter combines power measurement and power-quality capabilities. Designed for electrical installations with power-sensitive processes, this compact power meter provides disturbance detection and configurable waveform capture, used to detect, capture, and troubleshoot current and voltage sags and swells. With zero blind-time metering, it simultaneously monitors all three phases of voltage and current, even for fast-varying loads.
Schneider Electric
Circle 151

UPS management system

The P3 solution uses a device relationship management (DRM) approach to monitor UPS and battery systems using a single device — either through their UPS system's communications interface or as a stand-alone unit. The system can securely and bi-directionally transport vital data to centralized information systems with Internet access, allowing company service technicians to administer repairs and adjustments to the UPS system, typically over the phone.
Ametek Solidstate Controls
Circle 155

PQ data center

The G4400 power quality data center is designed to provide power quality measurement and analysis across all locations in an electrical network. Providing an all-inclusive view of transmission, distribution, and facility electrical network operation, this data center allows evaluation of power quality issues through continuous data logging and storage. Its embedded PQZip compression technology allows true-time data sampling (4 µsec), which provides continuous recording of trends and individual data points, regardless of where they occur during the electrical cycles and without setting thresholds.
Circle 153

PQ analyzer

The 435 logging power quality analyzer features 0.1% voltage accuracy and a GPS time sync option, making it fully compliant with the IEC 61000-4-30 Class A standard. With double the memory of previous models, this analyzer can be configured for any test condition with memory for up to 400 parameters at user-defined intervals. It also allows users to analyze trends in real time using the cursors and zoom tools while background recording continues and includes 3,000A flexible current probes that are 600V CAT IV-rated.
Circle 152