Home theater lighting package

Complete with controls, fixtures, and trims, this home theater lighting package is customizable and offers 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. recessed downlights with an assortment of trim rings. The package also features customizable wall-mount lighting controls, which allows the lights to fade in and out. A basic package includes four recessed housings, four P8053-31 open black Alzak trims, four wall sconces, two step lights, and one two-zone control station.
Progress Lighting
Circle 257

Storage chests

Available in five models, Storagemaster chests range from 35.3 cu ft to 57.5 cu ft in storage capacity. The chests feature the Watchman IV lock system, which is a deadbolt-like security system that requires a one-time lock installation. They're constructed of 16-gauge steel with fully arc-welded seams and a 7-gauge cover tang for weather protection. The chests have recessed handles, large shelves with pre-punctured holes to accommodate additional accessory doors, dual gas springs for one-handed opening, and metal guards to protect the gas springs from damage.
Knaack Manufacturing
Circle 254

Wire basket cable tray

The redesigned FieldMate wire basket cable tray features a brighter zinc-plated finish and no longer requires the use of protective caps on exposed edges. They're available in 10-ft lengths with widths up to 24 in. and depths of 2 in., 3 in., 4 in., and 6 in.
Circle 258

A/C disconnect

This company's all-in-one fusible and non-fusible A/C disconnects come with an integrated GFCI receptacle and eliminate the need to install a separate outlet to meet NEC 210.63 and 210.8 ground-fault requirements.
Cooper Bussmann
Circle 250

Drill attachment

This company's right-angle drill (RAD) attachment allows users to get into tight spaces and drill holes or drive screws with cordless 2.4V or larger drills. The 2-in.-wide attachment fits a ¼-in. or larger chuck and can control as much as 235 in.-lb of torque. The RAD accepts ¼-in. hex drive accessories, including screwdriver bits, hex drive bits, twist drill bits, flat boring bits, extensions, and chuck adapters.
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Circle 255

Electronic ballasts

This company has added new low-wattage models to its line of Centium instant start electronic ballasts with IntelliVolt for operation of one to four T8 fluorescent lamps. With a ballast factor of 0.77, they're designed to operate from one to four 32W, 25W, or 17W standard T8 lamps as well as one to four 30W, 28W, or 25W energy-saving lamps.
Advance Transformer
Circle 251

Load centers

These generator-ready main breaker load centers (GTV Panels) are designed for residential and light commercial applications. The load centers allow consumers to safely feed power from a portable generator to the entire load center and manually select which circuits they want to run during a power outage. Each GTV Panel includes a generator and a utility breaker that's mechanically interlocked, which allows power to feed the circuits from only one source at a time to prevent backfeeding.
Circle 253