Speed reducer

Designed for operation with most models of handheld electric drills, the Holcutter Speed Reducer offers a 4:1 gear reduction ratio and is designed for use on materials like stainless steel and other alloys. The speed reducer attaches directly to drills that have a 0.5-in. male threaded spindle. It can also attach to 0.375-in. diameter models with the help of an available adaptor. At the working end, the unit has a male quad-lead thread mount for attaching this company's 14,000 series cutters without the need for an intermediary arbor.
Circle 250

Time switches

E100A series single-channel time switches are engineered with 40A contacts and have a multi-voltage input capability of 120/208-277VAC. They're housed in a nonmetallic, indoor/outdoor enclosure or a metal case and are available in 24-hour, “skip-a-day,” and 7-day versions.
Circle 253

Dual-wavelength OTDR

The XC-8513 optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) can measure the transmit and receive fiber of a duplex cable by allowing the user to connect both fibers to the tester at the same time. The OTDR detects the cause and location of the loss of a fiber segment in places like the fiber, connectors at each end, and the length of the segment with a distance resolution of 0.5 m. It stores results as a tagged pair to prevent separating individual test results, and can overlay both fiber traces for comparison on the instrument's display.
Circle 252