Power distribution unit

Designed for communications racks, cabinets, and enclosures, the Power Commander vertical power distribution unit (PDU) has various mounting options for IT applications. The PDU is available with 24 or 36 simplex receptacles, dual circuits, and a built-in T-slot mounting rail that accepts different mounting accessories. It meets cUL, UL60950-1 first edition, and ITE standards.
The Wiremold Co.
Circle 250

Cab protector

Protect-A-Rail protects pickup cabs from shifting loads in the cargo area. Constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing with a black Armor-Tuf powder coating, the cab protector is accessory-ready for mounting warning lights in a variety of configurations. Its hollow tube framework houses and protects warning light wiring. The cab protector can be adjusted from 23.375 in. to 26.375 in. high.
Weather Guard
Circle 262

Estimating software

The latest versions of BidWinner, Bid Winner Plus, and AccubidPro Version 6 estimating software now feature power substitution, temporary assemblies, print preview, schedule screen sorting and filtering, and a job information screen. The programs also work with the manufacturer's estimating software for PDAs.
Circle 251

Wire management system

This molded wire management system protects and maintains cable on a 19-in. rack. The injection-molded wire managers have a 1-in. minimum finger radius that prevents extensive bending of the cables. The system features mounting holes and slots on the sides of the system and large slots in the back that allow for front-to-rear access. Wire retention tabs are designed into the molded wire management system to help keep cables inside the manager, and snap-on injection-molded covers can hinge up or down for flexibility.
Circle 253

Compact fluorescent lamp

The NanoLux compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) is available in half-spot, spot, and globe designs that range from 7W to 13W. The CFL uses micro-electronic components in its ballast, which is located inside the lamp base. The spot lamps come in 34 style and color combinations. The globe lamps come in red, blue, yellow, and white, and have a water-resistant, shatterproof shell that's UL Listed for wet locations.
Westinghouse LightingCircle 257

Outdoor motion sensor

The Super Stealth 360 outdoor motion sensor can scan 180° out, 360° down, and 70 ft to the side with no dead zones. The sensor features three scanning LEDs for 24-hr security and an evening timer that can keep lights on as long as 8 hr. It protects against surges as high as 6,000V, and radio frequency immunity prevents false-triggers.
RAB Electric
Circle 254

Riser equipment

The Riser Base system can be used as a stand alone unit or in conjunction with the included raised floor feet and support angles. An RIB riser base elevates equipment racks 2.5 in. above the floor to provide a lower cable chase between rack enclosure systems in multi-bay applications. The VFEET riser feet lift a riser base 12 in. for standard raised floor installations. The support angles allow floor tiles to be cut to match the riser base while it supports the floor tiles.
Middle Atlantic Products
Circle 260

Wrap-mount boxes

Available in two models, Steel City wrap-mount boxes feature a bracket that wraps around a steel stud to eliminate box-mounting hardware. The four square models are available in 30-cu-in. or 15-cu-in. boxes and include raised, pre-installed screws and a 0.5-in. or 0.75-in. conduit fitting. The 15-cu-in. switch-box models include knockouts and attached clamps for armored cable. Both models are galvanized for rust and corrosion protection.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 259

Wire stripper and cutter

The redesigned JIC-4473 wire stripper and cutter includes 22-24 AWG and 24-26 AWG interchangeable blades, cushioned grips, and a larger V opening.
Jonard Industries
Circle 261

Magnetic gloves

The SilverBack magnetic gloves have a half-finger design and Zeta6 magnets mounted on the back of each hand. The magnets can hold items like small parts and fasteners and large tools like hammers and wrenches. They're made of suede cowhide and come in small, medium, large, and extra large.
Illinois Glove
Circle 255

Shrink woven tape

Armor Shrink woven polyester, heat shrink tape is designed for high-voltage, electric motor, and generator applications. The non-fraying, knife-slit-edge tape features a breaking strength of 80 lb/in. of width and an 8% shrinkage at 176°C for 30 min. The tape has a thermal endurance for Class C varnish coating at 155°C and is compatible with most resin systems. It's 0.005 in. thick, and is available in widths of 0.5 in. and greater with standard roll lengths of 36 yards and 72 yards on 0.375 in., 1 in., and 1.5 in. ID cores.
Circle 263

Hand conduit bender

Big Ben hand conduit benders are constructed of heat-treated aluminum and feature industry-standard markings. The 0.5-in., 0.75-in., and 1-in. benders include a conduit vise for cutting or reaming, a bend-back channel that corrects over-bends, a 30° bend when the handle is upright, sight-down arrows for bending on the floor, and straight across marks for bending in the air.
Gardner Bender
Circle 256

Square-recess tip screwdriver

The No. 1 and No. 2 Rapi-Driv square-recess tipped screwdrivers feature a cushioned, crank-action handle with a grip that resists oil, gas, and water. The screwdrivers are made of tempered steel, and the shafts have a rust-resistant, black-oxide finish.
Klein Tools
Circle 252

Wire mesh grips

King Grips are designed for 0.75 in. to 4 in. pipes, and they fit all pipe pulling equipment. The grips offer a coupling, quick release, full pipe end cover, and PVC and poly pipe compatibility. They're plated for rust protection.
King Innovation
Circle 264

Wire puller

The WirePuller Pro reduces sharp bends in wires and cables and allows them to roll from the spool into the conduit. It mounts to standard electrical boxes, LBs, wire troughs, light poles, and panel boxes. The wire puller is made of aluminum with an anodized finish and has heat-treated pins with oil holes, needle bearings, and a notch for removal from wire.
SilverMoon Electric
Circle 258