Lighting control panel

The Blue Box is a lighting control panel with eight to 16 relays and a digital clock. Panels and switches can be daisy-chained together using Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ-45 connectors, and a photocell input is provided for controlling exterior lights. One clock can program schedules for hundreds of relay panels and act as a system programmer. The clock also features 32 schedules with time-of-day and astronomical scheduling. The box can also operate as part of a digital lighting control solution.
Lighting Control & Design
Circle 252

Outdoor luminaires

Available with two housing sizes and three mounting options, Design SND 18 luminaires provide controlled, downward directed area lighting. The luminaires feature an 18-in. or 24-in. diameter domed top and are enclosed in a spun aluminum, one-piece, semi-spherical light housing. A choice of reflector systems allows for the specification of four different distribution patterns, each of which is rotatable in 90° increments. They can be specified for post-top or wall-mount installations and accommodate metal halide, metal halide pulse-start, or high-pressure sodium lamps from 70W to 400W.
Quality Lighting
Circle 251

Clamp-on ground tester

The DET10C and DET20C ground testers measure earth/ground resistance and current flow in a way that won't disturb existing conditions. The testers feature clamp-on technology for an accurate measurement, and a RS-232 interface cable to download test data, with capabilities to hold as many as 8,180 records. They feature large jaw openings, a hold function, audible alarms, and a large LCD screen that can be read in bright sunlight.
Circle 260

Structured wiring device

The DD1X1 modular wiring device with 110 phone distribution now features an 8-way 2050 MHz splitter. It provides push-down connections for as many as 48 stations or phone home runs that consist of 12 cables. The device accommodates as many as eight CATV cable runs, and it measures 7.25 in. × 7.5 in. × 1 in.
Circle 259

Wall-mount WiFi enclosure

These non-metallic wall-mount enclosures allow access points to be placed on any wall surface and feature a concealed key lock for security. The enclosure comes with mounting straps that enable the access point to be positioned vertically or horizontally, and cabling can be fed from the wall directly into the back of the enclosure.
Circle 261

Crimping tool

The Sta-Kon BAT22-6 battery-powered crimping tool is the latest addition to this company's battery-powered tool line. With a crimp time of less than 2 sec, this 3-lb tool delivers 1.5 tons of linear crimping force and provides as many as 150 crimps on a charge with enough power to handle as many as 6 AWG terminals. The tool comes with two 9.6V NiCd batteries, a charger, carrying case, and storage tray for crimp dies.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 258

Neon lighting alternative

With the same appearance as traditional neon lighting, LED-Flex lights are UV-protected tubes lined with LED lamps for illumination. They require less energy and can be used in many applications where neon isn't appropriate. The tubes can bend 180∞, and can be custom cut and shaped on-site. The lights require as little as 1.92W of energy per foot and use a semi-conducting material that converts electricity directly into light. The solid state design enables the lights to withstand shock, vibration, frequent switching, and temperature and environmental extremes. They're available in red, green, blue, and yellow base colors and can be ordered in 30-ft, 24V and 150-ft, 120V lengths.
Mule Lighting
Circle 255

Vandal-proof lamp kit

Designed for high-abuse areas, the Garage Lighter comes in a 15-in. die cast aluminum housing with polycarbonate refractors. The lamp kit is available in a variety of styles: vertical-mount 150W, 175W, and 200W metal halide; 150W high-pressure sodium; 60W compact fluorescent; and 55W or 85W 100,000-hr induction lamps.
RAB Lighting
Circle 253

Hole saw kit boxes

Available in two sizes, this hole saw kit box has metal hinge pins that won't break and metal yoke latches that secure the case if dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures. Users can padlock the box to their trucks or a lock box and carry it by a handle that features an ergonomic rubber grip.
Circle 256

Entertainment server

The Entertainment and Applications Platform is a server that bridges computers and electronics in the home. The server creates a central networking point so users can have a secure network for storing and sharing, video, photos, Internet access, files, printers, and more. The platform is basically a digital distribution center that enables centralized management as well as distribution and storage of digital content. The server includes an eight-zone, commercial-grade residential gateway and firewall, 120 GB internal digital media storage, and four USB 2.0 expansion ports.
Leviton Manufacturing
Circle 250

Estimating software

cadLiv estimating software automatically counts and/or measures objects in AutoCAD drawings according to user specifications. It also quantifies any CAD drawing, counts all occurrences of sample objects within specified areas, measures any field routing possible, including rise/drop, and highlights quantified objects or routings using user-specified colors. The program is compatible with other software from this company.
Circle 257

Industrial high-bay fixtures

Available in 20 configurations, this series of industrial, fluorescent, high-bay fixtures features a “one bounce and out” reflector design that focuses the light only where it's needed. The fixtures use high-lumen fluorescent T5HO lamps, which maintain 95% of lumen maintenance of their original light output over their 200,000-hr rated life.
Westinghouse Lighting
Circle 254

Custom van design software

Weather Guard Vehicle Solutions software allows users to custom-design work vans with shelving, cabinets, racks, and accessories. The 3-D software produces interactive graphics to help the user visualize the custom design prior to purchase, and it stops the user from configuring the van design with products that are inappropriate for a particular vehicle model. Users can conduct a “virtual walk-through” by zooming in and out, rotating and spinning the vehicle, and changing perspectives. Once the design is complete, it can be printed out along with a corresponding list of materials or uploaded to a local upfitter for an installation quote.
Knaack Manufacturing
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