Cable management software

The NetDoc network documentation and cable management software provides complete ANSI/TIA/EIA 606A documentation compliance and allows users to manage cabling, network, telephony, and legacy connections. The program integrates directly with this company's label design software and features login security, documentation wizards, user- and date-stamping on all notes, customizable fields, and attachment capabilities.
Brady Corp.
Circle 252

Infrastructure software suite

The Atlas software suite enables network administrators to oversee UPS and power device equipment like power distribution units, smart switches, and environmental monitoring devices from a central console. The software's interface integrates point-to-point or centralized enterprise-level monitoring and inventory management of power protection equipment. Using browser tools, administrators can receive power alarms via broadcast, SNMP or e-mail notification, and respond by setting up automatic actions.
MGE UPS Systems
Circle 250

Labeling software

TagPrint Pro 2.0 is an updated version of this company's label creation software that features new import capabilities, design options, and faster printing. Other new capabilities include complete serialization, auto dating, time stamping, auto font sizing, complete bar code database, graphic imaging, and label save options.
Circle 251