Handheld circuit tester

The redesigned SureTest branch circuit analyzer is compatible with the latest generation of arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) and now features a super-bright OLED display and enhanced measurement accuracy. The tester plugs into any 120V receptacle and will check for verification of AFCI protection, proper operation of installed GFCIs, the presence of a shared neutral, and high resistance points. Featuring true RMS for accurate voltage measurements and ground impedance testing, the unit will also identify proper wiring in 3-wire receptacles, including false grounds and isolated grounds with an optional adapter.
Ideal Industries
Circle 250

Cable/duct reel trailers

The Reel-Master RM 3050 series cable and duct reel trailer is available in three models designed to carry varying cargo weights. The RM 3050-35 can carry up to 3,500 lbs, the RM3050-60 can carry up to 6,000 lbs, and the RM 3050-10 can carry up to 10,000 lbs. All trailer models can transport up to 120 in. diameter and up to 65 in.-wide cable and duct reels. Each trailer comes standard with integrated transport locks, electric brakes, ICC lighting package, front jack support, safety chains, and a document holder.
Circle 251

Entertainment platform

The Leviton Entertainment & Applications Platform (LE&AP) allows users to store and distribute digital audio, video, and music content over Cat. 5/5e wiring and serves as an Internet sharing gateway for the home. The platform features a digital distribution center and one or more digital players with remote controls. It can be integrated into any new or existing home networked with a properly installed structured cabling system.
Circle 252

Power safety switch

This auxiliary power safety switch gives electrical contractors an alternative to running a separate 120V circuit to other locations where a receptacle outlet is required. The switch combines a safety switch, control transformer, and ground-fault interrupter (GFI) receptacle in one.
Circle 253

Deflection/expansion fittings

The type DX deflection/expansion fittings connect rigid metal electrical conduit and IMC conduit, allowing for movement of up to ¾ in. or 30% of angular misalignment in any direction due to its pliable neoprene sleeve. Available in a wide range of trade sizes from ½ in. to 6 in., the fittings are rated NEMA 4X (watertight), rain-tight, and concrete-tight. They can be used with PVC conduit by adding standard adapters in each end.
Circle 254

Strut system

The Saddlestrut contoured strut system is designed for attaching electrical equipment, signs, lighting fixtures, and other equipment to metal buildings. The strut system works on R, U, AP, and custom panel designs. It's available in lengths up to 10 ft and comes in kits that include all of the mounting hardware needed for a secure installation for a myriad of metal building applications.
Fine Line Production
Circle 255

Circular saw blades

These titanium carbide-tipped metal cutting circular saw blades are designed to cut common metal materials like angle iron, sheet metal, pipe, or steel plate. According to the company, the precision carbide tips provide a smooth, clean cut with minimal sparks and dust, eliminating the need for secondary grinding operations and leaving the metal cool to the touch. The blades are made for cordless, handheld, and large diameter dry-cut metal cutting saws in diameters ranging from 5 ⅜ in. to 14 in.
Circle 256

UTP cable for CCTV

This unshielded twisted pair (UTP) closed circuit television (CCTV) cable allows video, power, and control conductors to reside in the same wire bundle. The cable features two 18 AWG solid bare conductors to carry power to the cameras, along with two pairs of Cat. 5e type cables tested to 350 MHz. One Cat. 5e pair is for video transmission, and the other can be used for video transmission, RS-422, RS-485, or pan-tilt-zoom data transmission.
Circle 258

Parallel splices

The new Sta-Kon parallel splices are designed for wiring ranging from 22 AWG to 500 MCM. According to the company, the splices are tin-plated copper connectors with chamfered ends and a funneled entryway, which eliminates wire strand hang-up and departure upon insertion into the terminal's barrel. They meet UL and CSA requirements and are labeled with a part number for easy identification of the wire range and pack quantity.
Thomas & Betts
Circle 259

Arc flash harness

The ExoFit XP harness is now available in a version rated to the ASTM F887-04 standard for electric arc flash exposure. The harness is based on the concept of a single piece of material constructed in the shape of an “X” that wraps around the body, with no metal above the waist, and PVC-coated hardware or buckles with insulators. It features built-in Nomex/Kevlar padding along the shoulders, hips, and legs, and breathable 3-D mesh lining. The padding can be removed to wash the harness.
DBI/Sala & Protecta
Circle 260

Saddle box

The Silverback single lid saddle box has a reinforced diamond plate lid with a polished aluminum front. The box also features a 12V interior light and a lift-out aluminum tool tray. It's made of weather-resistant marine-grade aluminum with a stainless steel piano-style hinge and features a “T-handle” lock, gas-assisted strut to keep the lid open, and automotive weather stripping.
Highway Products
Circle 261

Ground electrode kits

The Eritech convenient ground electrode (CGE) kit contains two 4-ft, ⅝-in.-diameter copper-bonded ground rods, a drive sleeve, compression coupling, and the company's Hammerlock grounding connector or CP58 grounding clamp. The CGE kit is designed for installation from the ground level. The kit is UL listed and NEC compliant. Kits with the Hammerlock are designed for #6 and #4 solid copper wire applications, and kits with the CP58 are designed for #10 solid through #2 stranded conductor.
Circle 262

Financial and operations software

Sage Timberline Office 2005 is the newest version of integrated financial and operations software for construction professionals. The software features enhancements over the 2002 version across the product suites of accounting, estimating, project management, procurement, property management, service management, and reporting. Released in tandem with the 2005 release, a completely re-engineered customer Web site now offers a full complement of software assistance tools in one location.
Sage Software
Circle 263

Recessed receptacle covers

These new recessed weatherproof receptacle covers are designed to offer the same protection as traditional bubble outlet covers without the bulky look. The covers are inset 3 in. from the exterior of the house and protrude only about ½ in. — the depth of the hinged cover. The outlet ports are bigger than standard covers and can easily handle larger wires. Each unit comes equipped with all the parts necessary for installation in walls made of brick, stucco, or siding.
Circle 264