Grounding system

The Hyground irreversible compression grounding system includes extrusions and rod and seamless tubing made of pure wrought copper. The system also features connectors for cross-grid connections, taps, splices, cable-to-ground rods, ground plates, and terminations. Its compression elements are pre-filled with Penetrox oxide inhibiting compound, and they're individually sealed in a clear polyethylene sheet to ensure that all contact surfaces are installation-ready.
Circle 254

Residential cabling

The Home/Work residential cabling system is specifically designed for small office/home office and multi-dwelling environments. The system allows the user to telecommute and provides multiple telephone, audio/video, and home/building automation distribution. It includes distribution enclosures and snap-in voice/data/video modules that allow users to share a single Internet connection and network peripherals. Connections can be made from one pre-configured home network box that can be mounted horizontally or vertically with the enclosure.
Hubbell Premise Wiring
Circle 256

Cable supports

Available in two styles, these zinc-plated insulated steel bridle rings can be used to support voice/data/video cabling. The rings have a bright yellow insulator and are plenum-rated for air-handling spaces. The machine-threaded style rings have 1/4 in.-20 threads and can be used with steel or malleable-iron beam clamps or other clamping devices. The wood-style rings are threaded for screw-in assembly into a wooden structure. Both styles are available in 1.5-in. and 2-in. sizes.
Bridgeport Fittings
Circle 252

Project cost software

The Project Forecast computer program can assess a project's potential profit or loss before work begins. The program uses the phase breakout portion of an estimate to compare estimated costs with actual costs to create a preliminary report of end results. Users input figures like labor hours and expenses, material costs, percentage complete, and the amount that the contractor has been able to bill to accurately predict results. The program is specifically designed for Windows XP.
Circle 251


Designed for work on utility and telecommunications projects, the RT55 is the most compact tractor from this manufacturer's RT series. The tractor features an integrated front cast weight that reduces counterweight requirements and helps provide balance when running attachments like a backhoe, reel carrier, trencher, and vibratory plow. It has a 60-hp, 2004-compliant Deutz engine that produces cleaner emissions and minimizes noise.
Ditch Witch
Circle 257

Combination cables

These combination cables can connect audio, video, and high-speed data lines with one cable. Available combinations include RG-6 quad-shielded coaxial cable and one Cat. 5e cable; one RG-6 cable and two Cat. 5e cables; one Cat. 5e cable with four 14 AWG conductors in a jacket; two Cat. 5e cables with a 22 AWG/two conductors shielded jacket pair and one 18 AWG/ two conductors in a jacket; and two RG-6 cables and two Cat. 5e cables. All cable combinations feature an outer jacket that provides extra protection from abrasion and puncture damage.
Tappan Wire & Cable
Circle 263

Cable reel

With ceiling or wall-mount capability, the EZ Reel Spinner is a tangle-free dispenser that will hold one to three coils of 250-ft Romex wire. The reel can be hung from a ceiling chain with a recommended 150-lb. capacity. An optional wood stud mount bracket is also available.
EZ Reel
Circle 262

Electronic ballast

Pony solid-state electronic ballasts run linear, compact, and circleline fluorescent lamps, and they're made for use in under cabinet lighting, sconces, down lights, troffers, UV, and fish tanks. They meet FCC Part 18-A and 18-B requirements.
Circle 259

Inspection port

The Viewport and SpyGlass fish-eye lens allows users to examine electrical switchgear through closed cabinet doors. The 0.5-in. aperture lens is approved for installation at the OEM level or as a retrofit in the field. It's suitable for applications of 480V and higher, and it can be used on indoor or outdoor cabinets in vertical or horizontal positions. The plastic-tipped lens has a wide field view, and it provides a temperature measurement accuracy of ±3°C and a focus range from 4 in. to 45 in.
Mikron Infrared
Circle 202

Glass tape

The 61 and 61A varnished dacron glass tapes are replacing this manufacturer's 60 and 60A varnished cambric tapes. They feature a thermosetting acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive that's applied to one side, which allows the tape to stick in conditions as hot as 155°C. They come in sizes 0.75 in. × 60 ft or 1.5 in. × 108 ft with a dielectric strength of 1,300V/mil.
Plymouth Electrical Tapes
Circle 208

Maintenance-free batteries

This line of maintenance-free high-output batteries is available in Battery Council International sizes 4D and 8D with 1,400 and 1,500 cold cranking amp (CCA) capabilities, respectively. They have a flat-top design to prevent lost or leaking vent caps and feature calcium lead alloy technology on both the positive and negative plates for minimal water loss. The plates are secured to the container bottom and locked at the top of the cell for vibration resistance.
Circle 203