Front-end switchers

Available in 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC output models, the ZC8 series of single-output, 650W to 800W front-end switchers are designed for distributed power applications. Measuring 10 in. × 5 in. × 1.6 in., the switchers come in hot-swap or chassis-mount versions and each has self-contained cooling fans and a single, hot-pluggable connector. They feature active current sharing between units, 5V standby power, remote sensing capability, no-load operation, output voltage adjustment, O-ring diodes, and overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection.
Circle 155

Discharge batteries

Designed for UPS systems, the high-rate discharge DataSafe HX line of VRLA batteries uses a polypropylene compound that improves high-temperature performance and increases vibration resistance. These 12V batteries are available in five models that range from 204W per cell to 506W per cell and feature high-conductivity recessed brass terminals, terminal seals, and corrosion-resistant positive and negative grids that are made from a lead-calcium-tin alloy. They're available in flame-retardant or non-flame-retardant material.
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3-phase UPS

The 9390 3-phase UPS system features a double-conversion design that isolates output power for all input power anomalies and delivers sine-wave output. The UPS can support loads from 40kVA to 160kVA in a base configuration and as many as eight UPS modules can be paralleled for capacity and redundancy for a total power capacity of 1280kVA. It offers the smallest footprint in its class and has front-panel access for all services and operations.
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Surge suppression systems

The Liebert Type SS series of transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) systems protects devices like cell sites, communications shelters, transmitters, and base stations. Available in three models, the systems combine silicon avalanche diode (SAD) and metal oxide varsitor (MOV) protection in a single cabinet, offer N+1 redundancy, and provide 400kA of surge current capacity per mode. The Type 1A hybrid TVSS is designed for high-vulnerability areas and contains 500 Joules of SAD protection and 5,000 Joules of MOV protection. The Type 1 hybrid TVSS is designed for moderate vulnerability areas and has 250 Joules of SAD protection and 5,000 Joules of MOV protection. The Type 2 MOV-only TVSS is designed for low vulnerability areas and contains 5,000 Joules of MOV protection.
Emerson Power Network
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Rack-mount UPS

Measuring 3U (5.25 in.), the R5500 XR rack-mount UPS system is designed for space-constrained environments. The 5,000VA UPS delivers 4,500W and combines hot-swap batteries with hot-swap electronics. The system uses a digital signal instead of a transformer, and it's available in U.S. and worldwide configurations.
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Line-interactive UPS

The SUP series of line-interactive UPS systems can accept 120VAC through 230VAC of input and provide a fixed 120VAC output. Available in 700VA and 1kVA models, the units measure 7.9 in. × 7.1 in. × 14.2 in. and weigh 35 lb and 40 lb, respectively. They feature an LCD that shows more than 220 operating parameters with explanations, and they're equipped with a two-stage battery charger.
Falcon Electric
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Power conditioning system

The FirstLine conditioning power system (CPS) isolates a connected load from the primary AC supply, which protects it against power problems like voltage fluctuations, brownout conditions, harmonics, and transient surges. The CPS can be configured for any 208V, 380V, or 480VAC application, and it can handle an input voltage range of ±20%. It has a total harmonic distortion of less than 3% for 100% linear loads and less than 5% for 100% nonlinear loads, and regulates frequency to ±0.05%.
Staco Energy Products
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