3-phase UPS

SmartOnline modular UPS systems are designed for 120/208V applications. According to the company, three models are available with individual capacities ranging from 40kVA to 80kVA, system capacities up to 160kVA, and operational efficiencies up to 97%. Additional product features include self-contained, hot-swappable 20kVA power modules. In a parallel redundant configuration, each UPS supports 50% of the load.
Tripp Lite
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Mounting configurations/integration kits

These customizable mounting configurations and integration kits are for the company's line of Strikesorb surge protectors. The mounting configurations and integration kits feature multiple installation options, including direct installation onto bus bars. In addition, the products can be installed in-line, which the company says reduces cable lengths and clamping voltages.
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Scalable UPS

The 10kVA Pulsar MX Frame accommodates the Pulsar MX 5000 RT power and battery modules. The UPS uses a modular, redundant architecture that can scale power and runtime as demand increases or when higher levels of availability are required. When the Pulsar MX 5000 power modules are connected in parallel within the Pulsar MX Frame, the UPS modules can be scaled to 10kVA, 15kVA (with redundancy), or 20kVA power levels, without disrupting connected equipment.
Eaton/MGE Office Protection Systems
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