Available in 600VA, 1,000VA, 1,500VA, 2,000VA, and 3,000VA tower and 19-in. rackmount models, the Digital Energy IT Series 600-3,000VA UPS features pure sine wave, fully digitized, microprocessor-controlled automatic voltage regulation (AVR) at 50/60 Hz. In addition, the UPS uses hot-swappable, user-replaceable batteries. Featuring RS232, USB, and accessory-card communications slots, the product uses monitoring software capable of interfacing with most major operating system platforms, according to the company.
GE Consumer & Industrial
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3-phase UPS

The TreStar P is an online double-conversion 3-phase UPS. Up to eight of these modules can be installed in parallel. In addition, the units feature a digital control system to eliminate overloads, frequency variations, transients, flicker, and blackouts in real time. According to the company, the digital control processes signals 10 times faster than previous analog methods. Models are available from 125kVA to 225kVA and include cabinets with seismic mounting features.
Staco Energy Products
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Surge protector

Strikesorb surge protection devices can be installed at a building's service entrance or anywhere critical equipment is connected. In addition, the modules can be directly connected to the bus bar on the load side of a circuit breaker or installed via a T-connection. Comprised of a single large distribution-grade metal oxide varistor (MOV) disc in a hermetic aluminum housing, the product meets the international IEC 61643-1 standard as well as the revised UL-1449 standard without the use of fuses.
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The 20kVA and 30kVA MGE Galaxy 3000 UPS models now offer paralleling capability, allowing them to boost capacity from 20kVA up to 90kVA. In addition, each 30kVA module can support up to 40 network servers. Other product features include fault-tolerant circuitry; four communication slots to support SNMP, J-Bus/ModBus and RS232-RS485 protocols; and integrated Solution-Pac power management software.
Circle 153

Online UPS

The S4K2U-5 online UPS features L-N international output voltages of 220V/230V/240V, 50/60 Hz. Available in a compact, rack-mountable 2U (3½-in.) enclosure, the UPS eliminates spikes, surges, noise, sags, and brownouts. Additional product features include hardwire capability, two-step battery recharge, a PWM inverter, automatic restart, an RS232 communication port, an integral dynamic bypass, and input/output noise suppressions.
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Industrial-grade UPS

The SSG Series Industrial-Grade UPS Plus model is available from 1.5kVA to 3kVA. Able to withstand temperatures of up to 55°C (131°F), the unit also can be placed in an equipment rack or installed as a standalone tower. According to the company, the product provides users with an improved level of battery monitoring and replacement notification, as well as hot-swappable battery packs.
Falcon Electric
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UPS remote monitoring service

ENotify 2.0 is a Web-based remote monitoring diagnostic service for the company's Powerware single-phase Series 9 and Powerware 3-phase UPSs. Available to all PowerTrust service plan customers, eNotify 2.0 provides real-time response 24 hours a day, seven days a week to more than 100 UPS and battery alarms; immediate notification of significant events via phone, e-mail, or pager; and direct access to technical experts for troubleshooting and rapid problem resolution. Monthly e-mail reports detail system performance, including unit voltages, loads, and external factors.
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Sine wave UPS

The Minuteman EnterprisePlus Series UPS line includes five 120VAC models and two 208VAC models. RoHS compliant, the UPS occupies 2U of space in a traditional 17-in. rack. Other product features include a 0.8 power factor, load shedding, independent battery bypass, and independent battery pack chargers. In addition, a floor-standing tower and 19-in. rackmount hardware are included. Optional installation kits are available for 23-in. rack/cabinet and wallmount installation.
Para Systems