Storage boxes

These heavy-duty job-site storage boxes feature the GearGuard multi-point locking system. The line includes four types of storage chests, slant-top and flat-top boxes, and a storage cabinet. All boxes are equipped to use a shackleless padlock. Furthermore, a reinforced 3-in.-thick lid and large hinges provide added safety and durability. Additional features include skyhooks, an electrical access port, a textured industrial powder-coat paint finish, and overlapping welds.
Circle 200

Battery management system

The CellRX battery management system is compatible with most industrial battery types and configurations, the company says. The system has advanced communications capability for status monitoring, including alarms, as well as voltage and current parameters. All models can be configured with RS232/485 communications packages, as well as TCP/IP or a telephone modem (wireless or land). Fiber optics facilitate noise-free connection between the controller and the concentrators that collect key battery data.
Ametek Solidstate Controls
Circle 201

LED nightlight/chart light

The Circadian Series of LED nightlights and chart/reading lights is offered in three styles — the MLN, MCL, and MSN — and is available with white, red, or amber LEDs. The MCL chart light/nurse reading light offers push-button control and produces 30 lumens of illumination. The MLN nightlight features a louvered faceplate design for glare-free, even light distribution of 15 lumens. The MSN Series includes a scoop faceplate design and offers 30 lumens of light. Faceplate color options for the MLN and MSN Series include white, black, brushed nickel, or custom colors.
Cooper Lighting
Circle 202

Power test equipment

The Combo Case line of power testing equipment and accessories is available in three versions. The Tester Combo Case includes a Vol-Con XL voltage tester, circuit breaker finder, and noncontact voltage tester. The Meter Combo Case features the company's 61-350 Series multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, and other critical parameters, as well as a 400A clamp. The Clamp Combo Case is comprised of a TightSight clamp meter and phase/motor rotation tester for testing motors and motor starters ranging up to 600V.
Ideal Industries
Circle 203

Rubber cord

Carol Brand Super Vu-Tron Supreme rubber cord is available in types SOOW and SJOOW. Able to withstand temperatures from -50°C to +105°C, the cord's vulcanized jacket formulation makes it resistant to tearing, heat, cold, oil, ozone, and chemicals. In addition, the product offers Class M stranding on all constructions as well as tinned copper conductors for enhanced soldering performance. Its Flexfill design allows the jacket to be extruded into the interstices of the cord instead of using a filler material.
General Cable
Circle 204

Thermal transfer printer

The Cougar LS9 hand-held thermal transfer printer prints on a variety of continuous industrial label materials for wire/cable marking, component labeling, and safety/facility identification. Labels are provided in P1 label cassettes, which contain an integrated memory device for automatic formatting, recall of last legend used, and number of labels remaining in the cassette. A partial cut feature offers users the option to choose tear-apart strips of labels for faster installation.
Circle 205

Multiuse tool

The PowerCut multi-tool features an angled head design for work in confined spaces. The tool's short jaws and beveled cutting edges permit close cutting of wire. In addition, three wire strippers — 10-gauge, 12-gauge, and 14-gauge — are provided in the jaws, and a stout compound leverage plier/crimper is located between the handles. The device also includes pivoting handle covers, a ½ serrated knife blade, saw, three flat screwdrivers, a Phillips screwdriver, a can/bottle opener, awl, and a lanyard ring.
Circle 206

Voltage monitor

The UPA Power Alert voltage monitor pre-verifies that an electrical panel is dead before it is opened. When installed on the panel exterior and hardwired to the circuit breaker or main disconnect, the device flashes to indicate live voltage (40VAC to 750VAC and 30VDC to 1,000VDC) within the panel. The LEDs extinguish once the disconnect is open or the stored voltage drops below the threshold. Fully encapsulated and engineered with redundant circuitry, the product is powered by the same voltage that it indicates. According to the company, it fits through standard push button and conduit knockouts in most electrical panels.
ATC-Diversified Electronics
Circle 207


BGSC clamps have a ground wire range of 3/0 to 10, a water pipe range of ½ in. to 1 in., and a conduit hub size range of ½ in. to 1 in. Constructed from cast bronze, the clamps feature zinc-plated screws and a flexible copper strap, which provides easy alignment and protects conduit systems from vibrations.
Circle 208


The 10GX Series of small diameter cables measures 0.295 in. The 4-pair, 23 AWG UTP copper cables are available in CMR, CMP, and LSZH versions — and in both bonded-pair and nonbonded-pair designs. In addition, the cables incorporate the company's RoundFleX technology for enhanced control of electrical performance.
Circle 209

Hand tools

This line of professional hand tools features custom-designed pliers, saws, screwdrivers, wrenches, insulated drivers, tool bags, accessories, tool kits, and more. All hand tools are ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort and manufactured to endure the rigorous, heavy-duty requirements of daily use on job sites. In addition, many of the tools are supported with the company's lifetime limited warranty policy.
Greenlee, a Textron Co.
Circle 210

Patch panel

The VertiGO Zero-U patch panel features a vertical design that consumes no rack space. A hinged opening makes the patch panel adaptable to moves, adds, or changes, and protects terminations when the door is closed. Available in QuickPort and Opt-X styles compatible with copper and fiber connectors, the device can share mounting hardware with existing equipment, if necessary.
Circle 211