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Motor Plugs Allow Quick Motor Change-Outs

Meltric’s UL switch rated Motor Plugs reduce downtime by allowing quick motor change-outs and they lower costs because there is no need to purchase expensive interlocks or disconnects. Motor Plugs allow users to safely make and break under full load. We put it in writing! Ph: (800) 433-7642; E-mail: EC&
Meltric Corporation
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Motor Testing and Maintenance

With its MCE, Emax and MCEmax motor testers, PdMA has revolutionized the way the industry tests, trends and predicts motor health. PdMA provides the equipment, interactive remote training and free expert technical support. PdMA's motor tools take you to a new level of motor testing and maintenance. For a free on-site or internet demonstration, call (800) 476-6463 or fax (813) 620-0206. Web:
PdMA Corporation
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Meter-Rite® Double-Throw Switches

RONK METER-RITE® manually operated Double-Throw Switches for stand-by power systems are available in both pole-top and grade-level styles, single or 3-phase. Grade-level switches are available with ratings from 100A to 800A. Pole-top switches are available with ratings from 200A to 800A. Switches are available with either 250V or 600V ratings. UL listed and Center-Off units available in 250V. Ph: (800)-221-7665, ext. 141. Website:
Ronk Electrical Industries, Inc.
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Technical Paper on Cat® UPS with Kinetic Power Cell Technology

Caterpillar® announces the availability of a technical paper discussing the Cat Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) with Kinetic Power Cell Technology. In a comparison with battery-based units, the document details the merits of battery-free backup power sources. The technical paper is available by visiting or by calling (800) 947-6567.
Caterpillar, Inc.
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No Kinks - No Dogs

Introducing the Evans Benders, the only conduit bending tool that guarantees perfect offset bends every time. The Evans Bender bends seven types of pipe without changing shoes. Creates perfect offsets, kicks and saddle bends. Easy to assemble - easier to learn. This bender saves valuable time and money. Phone (800) 662-0339, or visit our website:
Evans Benders
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Fiberglass Conduit Bodies

After years of research and development, Champion Fiberglass, Inc. is extremely proud to introduce their new line of conduit bodies. Molded from fiberglass, these new fittings, combined with Champion’s fiberglass conduit, complete a totally nonmetallic conduit system, ideal for applications in corrosive environments. Available in sizes 3/4-2”. Ph: (281) 655-8900; Email:;
Champion Fiberglass, Inc.
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NEC Internet Connection is constantly updated with up-to-the-minute information about the National Electrical Code. Visit to gain access to FREE online training, software, graphics, video, booklets, and simulated exams. Register for a FREE newsletter.
Mike Holt Enterprises
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Short Form Catalog

Time Mark’s Short Form Catalog is a 6-page overview of industrial electronic controls manufactured by Time Mark Corporation and its Signaline™ Timers division. It covers phase loss monitors, time delay and alternating relays, voltage, frequency and current monitors, and pump/liquid level controls. Basic descriptive information is provided on each of these product groups. Phone: (918) 438-1220; Email:;
Time Mark Corp.
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