Using a network provided by Fort Collins, Colo.-based Sixth Dimension, Celerity Energy, Portland, Ore., is creating the largest independent power project in the western United States.

By using existing distributed-generation assets, such as standby generators at commercial and industrial facilities in New Mexico, the project provides a quick solution to utilities facing a shortage of power resources.

When completed, the project will provide 25MW of dispatchable electric peaking capacity into Public Service Company of New Mexico's (PNM) system to support the distribution and transmission system in the Albuquerque area.

Participating PNM commercial and industrial customers will benefit from reduced annual costs to own and maintain their standby generators. PNM will access a valuable new source of electric supply to build capacity and enhance system reliability.

Celerity Energy will install processor-based controls and paralleling switchgear that Sixth Dimension's distributed-intelligent network, 6D iNet, will dispatch and control.

The network features communications software and hardware that links distributed-generating assets, such as standby generators, so they can be remotely managed and operated.

The project will be phased in this spring, with the final units completed in time for the summer peaking season. The project recently received the Joint Industry and Government Pollution Prevention Award by the City of Albuquerque and the New Mexico Facility Manager Network. The project may increase to 75MW in coming years.