Amid summer power shortages, continued utility restructuring, and consolidation, affluent American households are receptive to the idea of generating their own electricity, according to a new national survey. RKS Research & Consulting, a nationwide market research and public opinion polling firm based in North Salem, N.Y., performed this market assessment.

While high-income single family homeowners register satisfaction with their utility service, growing numbers express interest in some kind of backup power source. These customers want and can afford increased protection against losses, discomfort, and inconvenience.

According to the survey, one in 10 affluent U.S. households (11%) already owns some form of emergency backup generator. A larger proportion (15%) express a high degree of interest in on-site power generation, while another 24% remain neutral.

The survey also confirmed no single supplier has a lock in the market for on-site generation. High-income residents are just as willing to consider an equipment manufacturer as their utility to sell and service this equipment.

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