Despite the challenging market conditions for the global wind energy industry, this is a dynamic time for innovation in the market as companies are pushing turbines to sizes never before thought practical or economical. Some of the world’s top engineering challenges of the 21st century are taking place in factories longer than football fields. But there is also much at stake as the companies push limits and take major risks in an increasingly competitive sector.

China’s leadership in wind energy deployment is both an opportunity and a challenge for European and American companies looking to compete in that market and internationally. Europe remains a technology leader and is carving out the next frontier of wind energy with offshore deployments. The United States is lagging in many respects, but most industry players are optimistic for what the future holds as costs continue to drop dramatically. In some markets, wind energy has already reached grid parity, a trend that will continue to become more common around the world.

This Pike Research, Boulder, Colo., report provides an in-depth analysis of global opportunities in the onshore and offshore wind energy markets, as well as an examination of key challenges facing the industry. It examines technology innovations that will influence the future direction of the market, and also features detailed profiles of key industry players, including a competitive regional analysis of the three major wind energy markets today across their respective technology, policy, and capital environments. Market forecasts extend through 2017 and include projections for installed capacity, installation costs, and offshore production revenue, all segmented by onshore, offshore, region, and country.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • Which countries will lead in onshore and offshore wind development over the next six years — and why?
  • How did the global financial crisis and recession affect each region’s wind energy market?
  • How do the technology, policy, and capital environments compare across Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America?
  • How will the Chinese turbine manufacturers’ international expansion affect the global market for wind turbines?
  • Has wind energy reached grid parity?
  • How much does it cost to install wind turbines in each country?
  • Who are the leaders in the push to larger wind turbines and where are they being deployed?
  • What key barriers and opportunities will shape the global wind energy market?
  • How much capital will be invested in total wind installations by 2017?
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