If you’re looking for training materials for the new OSHA forklift training requirements, you’ll find the following two videos helpful. Forklift I—Handling the Vehicle—covers operating precautions with battery- and propane-powered forklifts, tips for turning, dock plates, trailer and rail car loading and unloading, grades, vehicle balance, and vehicle safety checks. Forklift II—Handling the Load—shows precautions to take when handling heavy or large loads, carrying, tiering, and stacking loads.

These videos are available from Miles Multimedia, or you can obtain them from Lab Safety Supply at (800) 356-0783. For more information, contact: Sam Miles, Miles Multimedia, P. O. Box 25641, Honolulu, HI 96825-0641; Toll free: (888) 792-1700; Fax: (661) 873-7428; E-mail: Smiles@lightspeed.net; Website: www.milesmultimedia.com.