Fire box

The e.z. barrier eliminates the need for a manually built fire barrier around recessed lights to maintain the fire-rating of floor-ceiling assemblies. The box, which is designed to fit both 16-in. and 24-in. on-center applications with four knockouts for wiring flexibility, meets the specifications of 7-1 of the Uniform Building Code (UBC), Section 710 for Floor or Roof Ceilings. It can also be used as a vapor barrier for other openings.

Cubicles Plus
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Estimation software

Electrofind estimating software finds, counts, and organizes the symbols on your entire blueprint, substantially reducing estimation time. The program works directly from electronic files or blueprints to find all requested symbols and organizes and reports its counts by sheets, locations, and alternates. It supports electrical, communications, fire alarm, sound, and security contractors as well as any other industry that uses blueprints and symbols for designing.

E/T Software
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Stud punch

The ESP-710 battery operated stud punch is designed for putting multiple holes in 16-gauge to 20-gauge load bearing structural metal studs in commercial and industrial projects. The 9.2-lb tool can punch a 1.34-in. hole in a 16-gauge structural stud in 5 sec and has the capacity to punch 200 holes per battery charge. The unit includes two batteries.

Greenlee Textron
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Generator set

The Ecostar is the world’s first hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine-driven genset. Because the unit operates on pure hydrogen, the only carbon-based emissions are from a small amount of burned and unburned oil present in the combustion chamber. The engine is coupled to a Class H, 2-pole, brushless, self-regulating alternator with winding pitch designed to reduce the harmonic content of the output waveform. It’s capable of producing 91.2kW and 114kVA at 480V in 3-phase power and 75kW and 75kVA at 277V in single-phase power.

Ballard Power Systems
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