Oct. 1, 2001

Fire-Retardant Plenum Cables

Limited Combustible CMP-50 cables are available in Cat. 3, Hyper Plus (Cat. 5), Hyper Plus 5e (Cat. 5e), and LANmark-350 (Enhanced Cat. 5e) cables. They are jacketed and insulated with FEP fluoropolymer and have been tested by Underwriters' Laboratory to meet requirements for lower smoke emissions and less flame spread. The cables meet the same electrical specifications as the CMP- and CMR-rated versions.

For more information, visit www.berktek.com.

Oct. 8, 2001

Pre-Insulated Connectors

This expanded line of IPB pre-insulated connectors includes type IPBM mountable, insulated bars, which can be fastened in panels, troughs, and ducts. IPBM connectors have an isolated mounting port on each end of the bar (which accommodates standard 5/16 in.-diameter hardware) for direct mounting.

For more information, visit www.penn-union.com.

Oct. 15, 2001

Highbay Reflector

The Superbay glass highbay reflector has an open design that prevents dust buildup. The reflector resists several industrial chemicals and is easy to clean. Available in 150W HPS, the borosilicate glass reflector is designed with an uplight component that eliminates the “cave” effect. You can specify 16 in. or 22 in. diameters with or without a full bottom enclosure.

Hubbell Lighting
For more information, visit www.hubbell-ltg.com.

Oct. 22, 2001

Project Management Software

QuickGantt for Windows Version 3.1 is project management software designed for anyone who plans projects or estimates and schedules client work and proposals. You enter all project information, dates, and costs in one worksheet that produces a printer-ready Gantt chart at the click of a button. The program also allows you to produce time and cost reports.

Ballantine & Co.
For more information, visit www.tools-for-business.com.

Oct. 29, 2001

Wire-Pulling Tool

The Pull-It 3000 is a wire-pulling tool that sets up in less than 2 min and weighs 60 lb. It can exert more than 3,000 lb of pulling force and its design accommodates both rope and Mule tape.

Ray Practical Technologies
For more information, visit www.raypracticaltech.com.