Nov. 5, 2001

Lightweight Dimming Ballast

The Mark VII VZT-4S32 is a 0V to 10V ballast designed for the 277V operation of four F32T8, F25T8, or F17T8 lamps. It measures 1 in.x1.18 in.x16.7 in. and provides an input range of 116W to 25W. You can control it by occupancy sensors, ambient light sensors, energy management systems, and load shedding devices.

Advance Transformer
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Nov. 12, 2001

AC Switch

This specification- and commercial-grade AC switch can be back- or side-wired and accepts 10 AWG to 14 AWG copper and copper–clad conductors. The pressure plate backwire on ground screws, auto ground clip, tri-drive terminal, and mounting screws simplify installation. An extended strap improves drywall contact, eliminating floating installations.

Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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Nov. 19, 2001

Electrical Tools

The Ridgid line of electrical tools consists of the following: No. 46E wire cutter/stripper/crimper, No. 70E coax stripper/crimper/cutter, No. 72E dual Romex cable stripper/cutter, No. 62R automatic retaining ring pliers, No. 73E wire stripper/cutter, No. 52E wire stripper/crimper/cutter, and a No. 700E 3-piece set of mini cutters/strippers/crimpers. The tools feature a corrosion-resistant, black-oxide finish; ergonomic, cushion-grip handles; and large application indicators.

Ridge Tool
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Nov. 26, 2001

Hand-Held Oscilloscopes

The ScopeMeter 196C and 199C hand-held oscilloscopes feature full-color, 320 pixel X 240 pixel resolution displays and fast display update rates that immediately display signal changes, allowing users to analyze complex, modulated, and other fast-changing waveforms.

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