When General Public Utilities (GPU) decided to purchase 22 new utility trucks, it needed a unit that could incorporate a digger derrick, but save space at the same time. Due to their sturdy build and ability to withstand great amounts of abuse on the job, GPU found its solution in a custom body design. The utility will use these trucks to dig holes for telephone and power line poles.

Since these are custom units, GPU added many options, including chock block holders that prevent rust buildup when the chock blocks are removed and replaced in the holder. It also selected special 96-in. toolboxes to store job site equipment and roadside and curbside underboxes for extra storage. Needing extra stability while digging, GPU added outrigger pad holders and stirrup steps for easy access to the digger derrick controls.

Features include two-sided A-60 galvannealed steel and the company’s immersion priming process. Together these offer protection from rust and corrosion. Flange-mounted rubber compartment seals provide weathertight protection of valuable equipment and double-paneled compartment doors offer extra security.