Emerson Motors Launches Online Data Pack

Emerson Motors, St. Louis, released an online program that allows customers to use the Internet to receive motor data packages. The technology produces broad product performance and dimension print information instantaneously, replacing a process that previously took two to four weeks using traditional mail.

Cooper Bussmann Offers Safety Program

Cooper Bussmann's Safety BASICs training program teaches participants how to save lives and prevent property damage and personal injury. Through the program, the company's electrical safety experts take facility engineers, electricians, maintenance and line workers, and other employees through a two-hour training session. Topics include the NFPA 70E standard for electrical safety, personal protection equipment, electrical accident procedures, and hazard/risk analysis.

Online Conference Discusses PQ

Reliabilityweb.com recently launched its reliability and condition-monitoring conference. Free for attendees, the conference may be accessed with any current Web browser. Presentation topics include power quality, motor-system management, electrical reliability, and root-cause analysis.